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A Day To Remember, For the Fallen Dreams, Azriel - A Day To Remember?
Due to some stupidity from my side, I missed first act Azriel and the band I actually traveled all the way to Amsterdam for: For The Fallen Dreams.
All I can say is that I really enjoyed the two minutes lasting glimpse I caught of FTFD playing their last song, the album opening track 'Brothers in Arms'. At this time there was already quite some movement in the crowd, while most people obviously came for the headliner.
A Day to Remember never hit the Netherlands before. This first time the band immediately sold out the place. Even though it was "just" the Sugar Factory, which is some sort of backup stage for neighbours De Melkweg, I guess that's quite impressive. There was barely enough room for everyone, which would later on tonight quickly cause the temperature to reach high levels. Excellent conditions for a hardcore show.
After a classy opening tune by Richard Strauss (widely known for being the opening music of the epic movie 2001: A Space Oddysee) the band started off with probably one of the greatest intros of the year; 'A Downfall For Us All' (and it’s already March! ;)). The acoustic vocal breakdown -I know, weird description but that’s what it is- made this crowd go nuts in seconds. After some old and new songs, the power on stage went down for a couple of minutes, after which the band continued in more crazyness. Including a cover of Kelly Clarkson’s 'Since You’ve Been Gone'. The gig ended surprisingly early at 22:00. But overall, it was a pretty decent night. Good, but not A Day To Remember...

Details Written on Sunday Mar 1st, 2009
Writer @Mordecai

Tags: #A Day To Remember #For the Fallen Dreams #Azriel