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Unearthly Trance, Ramesses, Serpent Cult - Unholy Doom Allience!
This was the second time Unearthly Trance and Ramesses toured together in Europe to unleash their filthy, dirty Doom dirge over the mainland of Europe. A close camaraderie  between these bands is there for sure. Two shared tours, a freshly released split 10”! This time we were present to witness this unholy alliance.
Serpent Cult
These Belgium doom-mongers had the honor to open up for this collaborated doom-bill. Most people probably will know this band as the following up project of the band Thee Plague Of Gentlemen, which has broken up after they discovered their singer was a pedophile, which he got arrested for. Let’s forget that straight away, because this band deserves the attention for their music. They ripped the venue apart that Sunday afternoon, with an amazing crispy clear and loud sound and I mean mammoth-volume loud! Kudos to the venue and sound-engineer. As always they started the set with an awesome, lengthy intro song that straight away proves that this band is up in the highest ranks concerning the doom-scene. Shit man, that guitar-player rips out some awesome catchy Celtic Frost inspired doom riffs. Goosebumps! After the intro-song, their female singer enters the stage and starts to sing the next song. At this point is were a lot of people stop to like this band, because she sings in a gothic high-pitched voice like the female singers of bands like Within Temptation, After Forever. The first time I’ve seen this band, it kind of bugged me a lot, but I slowly start to enjoy it more and more. What helps a lot is the superb playing band, with their mammoth riffs. Hail the Serpent! (RoyBalowski)
After the devastating loud set we saw of Ramesses at the Roadburn afterburner last year, we had to see the English doom monster again. This time the show wasn’t that good, but still reasonable enough to enjoy. Unfortunately it was obvious, that most of the people were waiting on Unearthly Trance, so the crowd was pretty static and hanging around in the back. In my opinion not totally what they deserve, because their blackened funeral Doom is amazing! Although this set we witnessed lacked the power they can have, mainly because their guitar-player stood there like a drugged up junkie! I still have my doubts if it was the same guitar-player we’ve seen last year, because if it was him he has probably serious drug problems. He was half the man, we saw last year! Besides that, their totally Winter inspired doom is a treat to your ears if you like it heavy, misanthropic, bleak and dark! Hopefully we see them next time in better shape, because the show on the Roadburn afterburner is imprinted in my mind forever… (RoyBalowski)
Unearthly Trance
The New York based sludge/doom trio Unearthly Trance took the stage with a massive, devastating sound. I’m not tremendously familiar with their songs, yet they grabbed my attention quite easily. The name High On Fire popped in my mind more than once while watching them, but the only thing they don’t have in common with that band are the memorable riffs and passages. Unearthly Trance feels a bit more experimental with song structures, yet it is executed with such excellent precision and power, it’s still a very nice band to listen to. Their heavy and epic rock sound exceeds the sound found on their records, which is a nice extra although it sort of alters the atmosphere I expected from this band. Overall it was a very nice show to witness, but to me it didn’t feel like something extraordinarily special. (DemonDust)
Details Written on Sunday Apr 12th, 2009
Writer @RoyBalowski

Tags: #Unearthly Trance #Ramesses #Serpent Cult