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Eudaimony: debut album details revealed
With a lineup that consists of Matthias Jell (ex-Dark Fortress) on vocals, Marcus E. Norman (Naglfar, Bewitched, Havayoth, Ancient Wisdom) on guitar, Jörg Heemann (Secrets Of The Moon) on drums and Peter Honsalek (Nachtreich) on viola and piano, it was obvious right from the start that Eudaimony was a band that was going to be able to offer not just music from vastly experienced musician, but music from musicians whose individual bodies of work command respect.

Formed in 2007 by Jell and Norman, Eudaimony was to become the vehicle that would allow its members to express their views on everyday life in today's society. In other words, the music they set about producing was inevitably going to be sick, disturbing and negative.

Eudaimony's founders, Jell and Norman, met together in Umeå, Sweden, and three songs were written and recorded early on in the band's career, one of which, "A Window In The Attic", can be streamed bleow. However, a few label problems and the demands of the members' other projects caused Eudaimony to be put on the backburner for a few years. Until November of 2012, to be exact, when the band signed with the German label Cold Dimensions and plans were finally set in motion to record a debut full-length album.

With the members living in Germany and Sweden, recording began in March 2013 in separate studios. Heeman recorded his drums at the NekroWerk Studio in Germany, and Jell, also in Germany, laid down his vocals at the Klangschmiede Studio E; while Norman and Honsalek recorded their instrumental parts in their home studios. Mixing and mastering is taking place at the Klangschmiede Studio E during April, with Markus Stock (Empyrium, The Vision Bleak) at the helm. It is anticipated that the album, which will be titled "Futile", will be released this fall. Artwork for "Futile" is by Ben Borucki (Sonic Reign). Antimatter's Mick Moss has contributed guest vocals.

Commenting both on the album and on the band itself, Jell had this to say: "We've seen Eudaimony tagged as black metal and depressive black metal, and I suppose it's inevitable given the background of the members. But we can't stress enough that Eudaimony has nothing at all to do with black metal or any of its myriad offshoots. Eudaimony is about emotional hopelessness and the bleakness that life has to offer. The title of the album itself is fairly indicative of the atmosphere we have chosen to create and the concept we have chosen to explore. The whole album deals with the futility of life. The visual and the lyrical concept have one main message in common: from the instant we draw our first breath we begin to die. Life has no sense except in death. All joy on earth is just an illusion until the curtain falls."


Details Posted on Wednesday Apr 24th, 2013
Writer @Neurotic

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