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The Black Maria - A Shared History Of Tragedy
I just heard the news that Hawthorne Heights had left Victory Records. It seems that the band had some problems with the label. Fortunately, it doesn’t count for all Victory bands. Nope, Victory still counts loads of bands and it looks like they sign a new artist every month. This time I received an album of The Black Maria.
A Shared History Of Tragedy is not their debut but I got the feeling that they still are looking for their own sound. I hear all kinds of influences in their music. That doesn’t have to be a bad thing but I think that they can make it more ‘own’.
Their music contains emotion filled rock to orchestral elements and pounding metal riffs. It goes from mellow to almost hardcore sounding parts. It’s melodic but it can also be very rough and raw. Even though this sounds very contradictory, they know how to bring it subtle but direct.
I also hear a constantly melancholic base. It gives me the feeling that Draconian Times or Icon from Paradise Lost gives me. Even when I look in their booklet it reminds me of Paradise Lost. The same ‘gothic’ influences with Roman statues, a full moon and other ‘dark statements’. Their artwork is really nice. I like it when it is a bit sinister and mysterious. Especially when you also hear that back in the music.
It’s a nice album but it’s not something that really thrills me. I like the diversity but I miss the freshness and innovative parts.
Love Maurits
The Black Maria - A Shared History Of Tragedy
65/1001Details Victory Records
Released on Tuesday Sep 5th, 2006
melodic metal

Writer @Maurits on Tuesday Aug 22nd, 2006

Tags: #The Black Maria
Tracklisting 1. The Perilous Curse (3:51)
2. Waking Up With Wolves (3:47)
3. Nothing Comes Easy But You (3:26)
4. Van Gogh (3:41)
5. Call To Arms (3:36)
6. Lucid (3:32)
7. The Concubine (4:06)
8. Living Expenses (4:38)
9. Fool\'s Gold (2:50)
10. A Thief In The Ranks (your Bike) (5:32)
11. 11:11 (3:19)
Line up Chris Gray : vocals
Mike De Eyre : bass and keyboards
Alan Nacinovic : guitar
Scott Swain : guitar
Theo McKibbon : drums