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Dream Theater - Train Of Thought
With a quite impressive history, Dream Theater are trying to impress the world again with their new record. It all started in 1989, with When Dream And Day Unite, and after some very successful records like Images & Words and Falling Into Infinity, they have now brought out a new studio album. Because Dream Theater has the reputation of being very technical, this album shouldn�t be something created in a few moments. It starts of with As I Am, a nice track with heavier passages in it. The progressive elements are coming through and with the distinct, clean voice of James LaBrie this is a strong opening track. Next song, an eight minute journey through different guitar/bass elements and with a urge to drown into the music. If you listen to it intensively, you�ll constantly find new elements that have been put in this song. Entitled This Dying Soul is a heavy rocking song. A little ease up on the throttle in the next song though, Endless Sacrifice is a piano orientated song that fades into the main song, never really getting speed. Although most progressive metal lovers will certainly love this slow ballad. A spacy, shorter song is next: Honor Thy Father is a heavy song with a cool spacey rhythm, that certainly is one of the better songs on this album. Vacant starts off with a sound that is to describe as water drops, falling on an iron plate, but surely rendered through a computer. This creates an effect that will bind you to this song, especially when LaBrie puts in his voice. I got a little trace of Moonspell in the vocals for this one, strange, but surely when you compare it! An acoustic intro introduces us to the next song Stream Of Consciousness. It never becomes strong though, and the heaviness has fluttered out of this record. In The Name Of God is the last track, and possible the second best track on this album, as it�s quite heavy. That�s mainly what I want to hear when I listen to Dream Theater, it has to be hard and technical at the same time. I�ll try to deliver a clean opinion about this, but believe me it�s not easy! Train Of Thoughts has all the means of a qualitative progressive metal album, and Dream Theater can surely be proud on it�s work. The problem is that the album never becomes heavy, like the Images & Words album. I know Dream Theater makes progressive metal, and that progressive is a genre in itself. I will not condemn this album and say it�s worthless, because I would contradict myself. The album is very technical, but there is never an outburst of speed, and that�s what I regret about this album. Real progmetallers will lick their fingers with this record, I can be sure of it, but for me� A little more speed would be appreciated. Track List: 1: As I Am 2: This Dying Soul 3: Endless Sacrifice 4: Honor Thy Father 5: Vacant 6: Stream Of Consciousness 7: In The Name Of God Line Up: Vocals � James LaBrie Guitars � John Petrucci Bass � John Myung Keyboard � Jordan Rudess Drums � Mike Portnoy