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Lostprophets - Liberation Transmission
Lostprophets is a band that needs little introduction. On their 2001 major debut The Fake Sound Of Progress the band attracted huge attention in the rock scene, bringing new flair into the dying nu-metal genre. The band successfully marched on with the brilliant album Start Something in 2003. After all singles had been released silence struck. The only news was the departure and replacement of longtime drummer Mike Chiplin. Now in summer 2006 Lostprophets is back with Liberation Transmission.
Okay, so let’s check out this piece of work. The first thing you notice about the album sleeve is the sober artwork. A big eagle, red star and some Latin phrase “Nobis, Pro Lemma, Vobis”. According to Wikipedia this means “For us, for them, for you”, a lyric from the somewhat basic song ‘Burn Burn’ from Start Something. Would they have returned to their hardcore roots? The back of the sleeve reveals yet another surprise: a total make-over! Lostprophets now looks very Franz Ferdinand-ish. Though these guys have always looked stylish, it never seemed unnatural. Now it does, it’s over-styled, hip and far from rock ‘n’ roll.
Now to the music. As you can probably read from the introduction, I like Lostprophets’ previous efforts. This time they’ve disappointed me. They’ve obviously tried to move towards the pop-end of the spectrum to get some connection with hit bands such as Franz Ferdinand and Bloc Party. On the other hand there’s still some influences from their proven successful crossover style. What you get is a bit of everything resulting in a sum worth nothing.
The production is slick but has lost the richly layered depth from Start Something. It’s overall probably most comparable to the aforementioned song ‘Burn Burn’, which I personally consider one of the weakest songs of Start Something. No more warm electronica, this time it’s flat guitar pop songs, with here and there some back-up singing, tambourines or staccato piano playing. Furthermore the vocals have definitely lost class. On track three ‘The New Transmission’ the voice of singer Ian is so extremely digitally adjusted that it reminds me of Cher’s vocals on that crap song ‘Believe’. Track five ‘Can’t Stop, Gotta Date With Hate’ sounds like an up-tempo cheap Nickelback tearjerker. The obligatory ballad ‘4:A.M. Forever’, starts out as an emotional semi-acoustic song. But when the chorus kicks in all tension gets swept away. The grotesqueness and outcries are so over the top that song loses all relevance.
Lostprophets have always managed to be catchy without getting cheesy. On Liberation Transmission they’ve crossed that line. It's an album that has to be forgotten quickly. Lostprophets have to come up with something better next time to retain their significance.
Lostprophets - Liberation Transmission
35/1001Details Sony BMG
Released on Tuesday Jun 27th, 2006
Pop Rock

Writer @Shaydee on Saturday Aug 26th, 2006

Tags: #Lostprophets
Tracklisting Track Listing:
1. Everyday Combat (5:11)
2. A Town Called Hypocrisy (3:40)
3. The New Transmission (3:33)
4. Rooftops (a Liberation Broadcast) (4:11)
5. Can\'t Stop, Gotta Date With Hate (3:43)
6. Can\'t Catch Tomorrow (good Shoes Won\'t Save You This Time) (3:36)
7. Everybody\'s Screaming!!! (3:53)
8. Broken Hearts, Torn Up Letters And The Story Of A Lonely Girl (4:04)
9. 4:am Forever (4:27)
10. For All These Times Son, For All These Times (3:54)
11. Heaven For The Weather, Hell For The Company (4:14)
12. Always All Ways (apologies, Glances And Messed Up Chances) (4:25)
Line up Ian Watkins — Vocals
Mike Lewis — Rhythm Guitar
Lee Gaze — Lead Guitar
Stuart Richardson — Bass
Jamie Oliver — Keyboards, Turntables, Back-up vocals
Ilan Rubin — touring drummer