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Sabaton - Atteru Dominatus
Sabaton, that sounded like a black metal band to me. Well I was wrong again.
The first tones come out of my speakers and the first thing that comes up in my mind is Rhapsody (or Rhapsody Of Fire as they are called nowadays). Okay, so this is not black metal, that’s no problem, I like epic power metal as well. Well I already compared it to the very well known band in this genre, Rhapsody, but I’m pleased to tell you this isn’t a Rhapsody-clone. Although there are lots of similarities, Sabaton sounds different. The themes of the lyrics are different. I can’t remember Rhapsody singing about a nuclear attack. Next to that I can tell you the music is less jolly, although there is enough jolliness to be power metal. The music has more aggression, especially the vocals. Sometimes it also has a more dark feeling. The vocals sound pretty impressive and often the vocals are supported by a choir. I like that, it gives the vocals that extra touch of strength.

The 3rd track, ‘Rise of Evil’ reminds me of Manowar, it’s a down-tempo song, with a dark atmosphere and the lyrics are about armies and battles. Especially the vocals are very convincing in this song, the vocalist really is in his role. And the guitar solo is awesome, played with a lot of feeling.

But after a few songs the Rhapsody comparison shows more differences as I thought in the beginning, and the comparison with Manowar shows more similarities. 

Another great song is ‘We burn’, A very nice uptempo song with some nice guitar licks and the vocals again are great. The song ‘Angels Calling’ is my favourite song of the album. The song structure is great, it has awesome guitar solos and the synth-parts give me the shivers.
I can imagine some people will say that the guitar solo’s aren’t that great, but hey, shredding isn’t everything.

The last song is an ode to several heavy metal bands, again a very nice song.
The production of ‘Atteru Dominatus’  is very good. The sound is very clear and the instruments are well mixed. Combined with the great compositions this results in a very nice album a power metal fan should buy.
Sabaton - Atteru Dominatus
85/1001Details Black Lodge
Released on Wednesday Aug 23rd, 2006
Epic power metal

Writer @Arcane on Monday Aug 28th, 2006

Tags: #Sabaton
Tracklisting 1. Attero Dominatus
2. Nuclear Attack
3. Rise Of Evil
4. In The Name Of God
5. We Burn
6. Angels Calling
7. Back In Control
8. A Light In The Black
9. Metal Cr�e
Line up Oskar Montelius – guitars
Daniel Mullback – drums
P�r Sundstr�m – bass
Rikard Sund�n – guitars
Joakim Brod�n – vocals
Daniel M�hr – keyboards
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