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Old - Down With The Nails
The logo seems vintage, the artwork is cheap, this must be oldschool shit.
I press the play button and my expectations were correct. Some nice oldschool black metal.
The influences of the old Darkthrone, Celtic Frost and Hellhammer are very obvious.
Simple songstructures, simples riffs, simple drumming….. Great, old school black metal as it is supposed to be.

Like I said, the riffs are simple, but exactly these simple riffs make it so powerful. They are just very cathchy. Like the drums, you won’t find any blastbeats on this record. It’s more thrashier, like Audiopain, Ammit or Aura Noir.

The vocals are very raw, and the vocalist is not afraid to use reverb and delay effects.
Although ‘Down With The Nails’ is a very nice album I think the total playtime of this record with 34:16 minutes is long enough. Why? Well the songs don’t vary a lot. They all sound a little the same.

Conclusion: Fans of the oldschool black metal will like this album but they shouldn’t expect something refreshing (well that’s why it’s oldschool of course).
Old - Down With The Nails
75/1001Details Peaceville Records
Released on Monday Aug 14th, 2006
oldschool black metal

Writer @Arcane on Monday Aug 28th, 2006

Tags: #Old
Tracklisting 01. Black Jewel Throne
02. Blood Skull
03. Lust In Red
04. Under The Sign Of Death
05. Empire In Flames
06. A Knife
07. Triumph Of Hell
08. Scream For Hell
09. Down With The Nails
Line up Reaper – vocals
Doomhammer – guitars
Horus – bass
Iron Tyrant - drums