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Halo Of Shadows - Manifesto
Halo Of Shadows is a band from Finland, that plays a kind of melodic death metal. Their new album called Manifesto was released this year and Metalrage received a copy for reviewing. I don’t know much about this band, and the biography wasn’t that clear as well, so here it goes.
The record starts out with ‘Trapped In Infinity’ and a whole clash of musical directions is flooding over. Personally, I like this a lot. There are several influences that I hear, for example, bands like Symphony X, Death and a little bit Children Of Bodom. Not at all my favourite style of music, but the progressive loops and licks just do it for me. I love freaked out guitar solo’s going nowhere, but at the same time somewhere. Most of the tracks have these features, so I’m not going to write too long a story about them. I just need to say that Halo Of Shadows, as a realitively young band, proved they have the quality to record some great work. The vocal style is diverse, with grunting and clean parts, but in my opinion, this is the reason the album looses some points. I’m not at all fan of the vocals, but the music holds tight and is very neat!
I’m not certain about this album yet, but I guess I’ll listen to it somewhat more later this year. I can say this isn’t the new bomb, but a very decent average record, that will appeal to fans of the genre.
Halo Of Shadows - Manifesto
69/1001Details Massacre Records
Released on Sunday Jul 30th, 2006
Melodic Death Metal/Gothic

Writer @Mat-Core on Wednesday Aug 30th, 2006

Tags: #Halo Of Shadows
Tracklisting 1: Trapped In Infinity
2: Whore
3: Burn In Depths
4: Manifesto
5: Drowned In Ashes
6: Ravenous Heart
7: The Force Zero
8: Follow And Fall
9: Carved In Flesh
10: Eyes Of Faith
Line up Vocals - Antti Matilainen
Guitars - Teemu Hanninen
Keyboards - Teemu Anttila
Drums - Jari Huttunen