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To My Surprise - To My Surprise
Ok. The way that I�m going to start this review is going to scare of every hardcore metal freak. But for those who don�t pretend to be a tough guy all day long, here�s something else. Do you ever have one of those that something really nice has happened to you, like you�ve just got a girlfriend, or broke up with one and you feel real good? Then this is the kinda shit you should play. A line-up of three, with one being famous already (Shawn Crahan - Slipknot), they�ve created some kind of pop-rock-funk-spacey shit which possesses an incredible sound. I mean like the recording quality is insanely good. It�s like a boost for your speakers when it kicks in. And that for a funk band�? Weird. The CD starts off with �The World Too Small� and when you hear the start of the song, don�t feel disgusted. It�s only the start of the paranoia. It starts with a freaky electronic beat which goes to a poppy guitar. Really weird. But the coolest part of this song is the part where Brandon (on vocals and guitar) does a guitar solo with his mouth. I mean like, an effect on his voice while making guitarish sounds, really odd and funny. Then we go to �Get It To Go�, which is one of the rock songs on the album. But still funky. Weird combination, an not the last one on the album. Up next is �In The Mood�, which also has a videoclip of it. I believe you can actually hear Shawn singing on this track. The vocallines are really weird on this track, but again, this is neither the last time. Only the guitar solo could have been a bit louder. �Blue� is one of my favourite songs on the album. It starts really freaky, but then a bassline appears shortly followed by the guitar. I must say that, after this intro, the song looks a lot like �No On Knows� from Queens Of The Stone Age, but that doesn�t bother me too much. The best part of this track is the solo, it just fucking gives me goosebumps! "Say Goodbye" starts really weird and it keeps being weird. A little tapping on the rite and a spooky tune with some effects thrown through it. And then the vocals. They play the biggest part on the song, because they�re loud and just�.weird! I�m starting too think the whole album is weird, I think�? Anyway, then comes �Easy Or Not�. Rock again, but a bit childish this one. This song is a bit too happy for me. This song is also the shortest track on the album, so what the heck. �Turn It Back Around� is the funniest song on the album. It�s about his uncle Joe and a radio and whatever. The lyrics are so weird, and then the way he says it, even weirder. The longest song on the album is called �This Life�. It�s sounds a bit more serious, but then again it has this childish undertone. But when he starts telling you that �you can make it� I don�t know what to think, but that�s followed by a spacey piano part. It all makes you think: happy happy happy! Is that a good thing? Spacey intro for �Come With Me� leading to a rock song. Nothing really special about it, I think� Except for nice guitar solos. I can�t believe! They�ve managed to make a song like the Beatles! And it�s called �Sunday�. Only bad thing is the tu tu tu part. A bit too extreme �happy happy joy joy� for me. The rest is OK though This is one of the weirdest things on the album The song �Who�s To Say� pushes the vocals to unexplored heights and the entire song has a cracking sound in it. Irritating at first, but later on it seems to blend in. Childish lyrics again, but not too irritating. All together a great album but incredibly weird!!!!!! Buy only if you dig funky shit, it�s definitely good to go! By the way, Slipknot has nothing to do with all this, can�t even hear one thing of it on the album. To My Surprise is: M. Shawn Crahan Brandon Darner Stevan Robinson [b]Review by: Demon Dust[/b]
To My Surprise - To My Surprise
89/1001Details Roadrunner
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001

Writer @Lex on Thursday May 20th, 2004

Tags: #To My Surprise
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