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Within Y - Portraying Dead Dreams
In 2004 I was searching for some good (unknown) bands on the internet. It was just coincidence I landed on the website of the Dutch label Hammerheart Records. On the site I found a track called ‘Remains Of A Shattered Illusion’ by Sweden’s Within Y. Ever since the moment I downloaded that song 2 years ago I always liked the track but I was too lazy to find out more about the band playing it. So, what do you do when you get the chance to review the latest album of that particular band? You review it!
And what an album this is! Brutal as hell! Clean vocals? These guys don’t know ‘em! Moments of rest in between or during the songs? These guys don’t know ‘em!
Pounding double bass parts, heavy guitars and a raw throat are all ingredients for an extremely powerful album that leaves you behind hungry for more. From start to end this album makes you feel like moshing around and remembers you why you love (death)metal in the first place. ‘Cause that’s what it is; heavy Swedish melodic death metal. Something I’m not too familiar with but I definitely appreciate.
Nice thing is that the album starts with an (almost entirely) instrumental song as an intro. I believe I haven’t heard many albums like that before and I think it’s a way better solution for an intro than the average ‘weird noises’-intro. Basically it’s just a song that fits perfectly between all the other songs with the only difference that there’s hardly any vocals in it.
The artwork of the album is probably the most unattractive part of the whole album. Which doesn’t necessarily mean it sucks, but it could have been way more spectacular as well. Fortunately the music makes up for that small detail.
I can definitely understand why Within Y gets so much positive response in its home country and I can only hope they’ll break through in the rest of the world as well. I’d really like to see these guys live some day ‘cause I believe they can get a crowd going. People that like to hear their music fast, brutal and without clean vocals, check this band out! I think they deserve way more attention than they get now.
Within Y - Portraying Dead Dreams
82/1001Details Gain / Suburban
Released on Friday Sep 15th, 2006
Death Metal

Writer @Boek on Friday Sep 1st, 2006

Tags: #Within Y
Tracklisting 1. Portraying Dead Dreams (2:56)
2. Breeding Murder (3:59)
3. Never Forgotten (4:30)
4. Beautiful Violence (5:10)
5. Unjust (5:09)
6. Reckoning Day (4:00)
7. As The Dust (5:00)
8. Fade Away (4:23)
9. Remembered (4:20)
10. New Life (3:48)
11. Feeding The Disease (4:37)
Line up Andreas Solvestrom - Vocals
Mikael Nording - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Niknam Moslehi - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Jonas Larsson - Bass
Thim Blom - Drums