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Mucopus - Mulch?!?
At the Skinless show at 013 I received a copy of vocalist Jason’s other band Mucopus. Of course I am nice enough to review it, since I like it a lot!
And me liking death metal bands that I haven’t heard before is a rarity. I usually consider everything is a rip-off or so unoriginal I get irritated. But not with these guys. I hear this band creating a mix of brutal death metal, porno-gore and Cephalic Carnage math-grind. The basis consists of cool original death/grind riffs with some math eruptions, without it becoming a too important part of their music. All this accompanied by intense drumming and brutal guttural grunts and intestine-squeezing screams.The last track ‘Wasted’ ends with an electronic soundscape which I’m a big fan of too. In the end it gets quite intense, so that it’ll become quite annoying. I love it!
Now vocalist Jason of Skinless is not present on this record yet, neither will he be on their upcoming European tour, but I can assure you he will be there on their upcoming split album.
Something they’re into a lot too is stupid joke-intro’s. For instance, the intro for the track ‘Cock Blister’  has this guy saying ‘women, can’t live without ‘em and they can’t pee standing up’ is quite hilarious to me. I’ll wont go into the lyrics for that song… The artwork as well represents their dirty side. It has drawings of a hammer smashing a cunt. Pretty horny hey!

Mulch?!? grooves, blasts, incinerates and most of all, annoys the living hell out of your parents. All this in an original jacket with excellent production. For anyone into original brutal music, this is certainly worth checking out.
Mucopus - Mulch?!?
83/1001Details Amputated Vein
Released on Friday Oct 14th, 2005

Writer @DemonDust on Monday Sep 4th, 2006

Tags: #Mucopus
Tracklisting 1. One Is Too Many And A Thousand Is Never Enough
2. Superfluous Anomia
3. Pre-Natal Caseation
4. Language Unheard
5. Cock Blister
6. Corporation X
7. Technology Divine
8. Borf Snarffle Squirt
9. Wasted
Line up Rich Manziello – vocals (now replaced by Jason Keyser)
Justin Knipper – guitar
Ernie Rau – guitar and vocals
Corey Hall – bass and vocals
Kyle Eddy – drums