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Malicious Dream - Innersensis
Malicious Dream is a band from the southern part of the Netherlands (like most of the good Dutch bands). I had never heard of this band before, neither am I a fan of the bands they claim to be influenced by; Opeth, Anathema, Moonspell and My Dying Bride. Though, melodic metal is something that I’m starting to like more and more so I’m very curious to what this band has to offer.
When I read about the aforementioned bands I expected really slow music with very low, grunting vocals. I don’t know if this expectation is realistic or not, but I do know that I quite like the music Malicious Dream makes. Unlikely to what I’d expected, the music most of the times has quite a high tempo and the vocals fortunately aren’t as slow and low as I expected. They’re more like the metal vocals I’m used to. Of course there’s some of those short grunting parts I was a bit afraid of but as a whole the songs don’t get influenced by it in a negative way.
Another thing that I’m not too familiar with in metal music, is the usage of acoustic guitars. Well, of course I’m familiar with it, but not in the way this band does it, namely in most of their songs. I must say I like it. It gives something extra to the songs. Actually that ‘gives something extra’ part, is something Malicious Dream is very good at. To me this band creates quite a lot of those extras, which results to songs in which you can always discover something new. Of course that requires some talent and this band certainly has it.
For fans of the aforementioned bands, this disc is definitely ‘one to check out’. I wouldn’t say it is high quality ‘cause I simply haven’t got enough knowledge to judge that. But even as an unexperienced person I can tell you this certainly won’t be a big disappointment.
Malicious Dream - Innersensis
75/1001Details Independent
Released on Saturday Apr 15th, 2006
(Progressive) Melodic Metal

Writer @Boek on Monday Sep 4th, 2006

Tags: #Malicious Dream
Tracklisting 1. Black Zodiac (4:44)
2. When Darkness Dispelled The Light (5:31)
3. Distress Of Pain (4:24)
4. Unbearable Lust (3:53)
5. Fractured Mind (5:16)
Line up Anton Heesterbeek - Vocals, Guitar
Ben van Asselt - Guitar, Vocals
Dirk Jannsen - Bass
Rick Vermeulen - Drums