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Sun Caged - Sun Caged
After releasing 3 demo cd�s Sun Caged signed with Lion Music. And in early 2003 the went into the studio, recording their debut album that was planned later that year. The style of Sun Caged is verry considerable, from progressive metal to fusion and jazz. But one thing is for sure, it is great. The debut album start intense with a short guitar solo. A 30 seconds intro impresses me and then the vocals. Strange but I had expected another kind of vocal, this is good too but I expected something more heavy. Later that song a solo that reminds me of Children of Bodom but this just means Sun Caged have got a great guitar player. My first impression after the first four minutes is stunning. This is a great Dutch band for the future! The second song is what I expected of the album, the song is havier than the first one and I�m really getting in a mood. The music is so various but just match with each other. Again the vocal impressed me and I am allready curious for the rest of the album. The third song is called �Home� and starts easy. I never heard such great quality in a Dutch metal band. The song continues and after 2 minutes and 25 seconds it becomes a little bit stronger. After this song the story repeats itself, at least I think. The solo�s that are coming back on this album are each time different and better. Guitarist Marcel Coenen is a magician with his guitar. The song �Soil� is starting like other songs but the got me with this one, what a great song. After this one the song �Hollow� starts with a piano, and this is good? Yes it is because when they switch the magic starts again, I think that Sun Caged has got a great future if they can keep up the current work. It sure is pure and excellent metal. Again a song with a piano in the beginning. Joost van de Broek is doing it very well. This song is heavy and it realy radiates power. Again the music is sounding great. When does it stop... Again a great and powerfull song is �The Eight Day�, this is a good song with great lyrics. But the guitar keeps suprising me, that guy rules. And the producer of the album needs a big thank you because so far, I couldn�t hear one mistake. The next song has defenitely the most powerfull intro of the album, with again great electronics and melody. This song just stunned me, what a great intro. This is my favorite song of the album. And to close this album there always have to be a ballad. I think that Sun Caged even did this very good. I hope to see them live sometimes. I�m sure this band can be great all over the world, just give them a chance! I want to thank Hard Life Promotions for giving us the chance to review this album and interview Sun Caged. Check out their website too! Sun Caged: 1. Sedation 2. Sun Caged 3. Home 4. Soil 5. Hollow 6. Closing In 7. The Eighth Day 8. Secrets Of Flight 9. Unchanging Sun Caged is: - Dennis Leeflang - Rob van der Loo - Joost van den Broek - Andre Vuurboom - Marcel Coenen
Sun Caged - Sun Caged
90/1001Details Lion Music
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001

Writer @Buzzin Hornet on Thursday May 20th, 2004

Tags: #Sun Caged
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