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Dirty Rig - Rock Did It

Nothing wrong with a nice piece of sleazy rock n roll once in a while. Ain't nothing wrong with that. Some Peter Pan Speedrock, Backyard Babies or Motörhead (who else) here and there, ain't nothing wrong with that. Too bad there's so many bands playing that sleazy style of music (in my opinion at least). Also too bad there's so many bands that do not even succeed in making an exciting record. 

In this sea of overkill, here's Dirty Rig. Not much to say about this cd, really. It's the same trick all over again, which wouldn't be such a bad thing if it was a great record for you and your drinking buddies. But alas, it isn't. It is, quite boring really. The songs are very, very cliché, and on top of that, not really that good to begin with. An ingredient that makes the cheesy lyrics and themes stand out in the negative even more. 

I'm sure there is still a (tiny amount of) room for some new sleazy bands in the music scene. I'm not sure if there will be a lot of enthousiasm or interest for a cd such as this.

Dirty Rig - Rock Did It
59/1001Details Escapi
Released on Saturday Jul 1st, 2006
Rock n Roll

Writer @Lex on Tuesday Sep 5th, 2006

Tags: #Dirty Rig
Tracklisting Suck It
Drunk Again
Just A Star
Rock Did It
Hot Porno Star
Throw Down
If You See Kaye
Line up Chas Banellis - Guitar
Kory Clarke - Vocals
Dave Ardolina - Drums
Buckshot - Bass