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Obscenity - Where Sinners Bleed
Obscenity is a German death metal band, that tend to bring some more melodies into their songs. They have been paving the way since 1989. I never was a great fan of this band, because they tended to bore me quite soon. Their live performance wasn’t that optimal as well, so I was filled with quite a lot of prejudice when I received their new album called Where Sinners Bleed. So, it is up to me to write a review about this, and I wasn’t very keen.
That all changed when I first heard this record, goddaaaamnn what a massive, massacring production and songs that give you goosebumps because they are so fucking cool! I never expected this of Obscenity, and I was quite pleasantly surprised. 

Well, the record opens up with ‘Obsessed With Slavery’ which is an instant blast-off with some very technical drumming and riffing. They also kept their melodical touches, although I don’t find them boring anymore. I dare to say that this album is probably ending up pretty high in my year list. 

Some other very decent tracks are ‘Mutate To Scourge’, ‘Out Of The Tombs’ and the bonecracking song called ‘Cannibalistic Intent’. Fuck yeah, blast beats, double bass drums and hack/slash guitar riffs with some vocals that tear off every inch of tissue on your hide! Bands that compare with them musically are definitely Cannibal Corpse, Morbid Angel and Debauchery.
Fans of brutally savaged gored and decomposed music, should check this one out. Like I said, I was very surprised about the (for me) new musical direction of Obscenity and hope they continue to produce this shit. Can’t wait to watch them live!
Obscenity - Where Sinners Bleed
87/1001Details Armageddon Music
Released on Friday Jun 9th, 2006
Death Metal

Writer @Mat-Core on Wednesday Sep 6th, 2006

Tags: #Obscenity
Tracklisting 1: Obsessed With Slavery
2: Die Again
3: Mutate To Scourge (Infecdead cover)
4: Incomplete
5: Out Of The Tombs
6: Cannibalistic Intent
7: Where Sinners Bleed
8: Return To Flesh
9: Non-Existence
10: The Bullet That Kills
Line up Vocals - Oliver Jauch
Guitar - Hendrik Bruns
Guitar - Jens Finger
Bass - Alexander Pahl
Drums - Marc Andree Dieken