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Threnody - Control
This band from The Netherlands was totally unknown to me. I never heard anything musical from them, so I was very interested when they presented theirselves as Technical Death Metal. Well, Threnody actually have started around in 1988 and recorded 2 demo’s and in 93, they got signed to Massacre Records. They toured with Malevolent Creation and had some albums recorded. All sounds very nice so far. They recorded Control, their latest effort, in 2004 and released it in 2005. The biography says that Threnody have completely thrown away their musical direction and filled with with some Progressive metal. Well, I’m ready for it!
I was talked into this band by some people, who actually think they are one of the better bands in the Netherlands. Well, let me state this once and for all….. It plainly SUCKS! Why? The vocals, please JUST SHUT UP! The music is very, very groovy and interesting, although sometimes it just doesn’t add up to the overall result. 

They have some very interesting tracks on this record, like the 3rd track called ‘Play’; I liked the music, and my head started to nod, but then the vocals kicked in and my boner turned again to a small nob… I’m just really agitated by this. The music is cool but I don’t understand why they haven’t got a vocalist that is better suited for this music. Well, everybody makes their own music and have their own mind to it. There is also a Judas Priest-cover on this record, called 'Hell Bent For Leather' which sounds really nice!
I respect that they do their own stuff and I won’t say they have to change, but this is just not the thing that appeals to me. I’m going to give 80 points for the music, but it will be compromised because of the (in my humble opinion) worthless vocals, minus 35 points.
Threnody - Control
45/1001Details Redrum Recordz
Released on Thursday Sep 1st, 2005

Writer @Mat-Core on Wednesday Sep 6th, 2006

Tags: #Threnody
Tracklisting 1: Stand Alone
2: Drained
3: Play
4: Perfect Days
5: Creeping
6: Lines I Write
7: Control
8: Defined By Action
9: Lost
10: One Chance
11: Angel
12: Hell Bent For Leather (Priest)
13: Black Day
Line up Guitar/Vocals - Rene Scholte
Guitar - Hans Hanson
Bass - Henry McIlveen
Drums - Ernst Van Ee