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Kyu - Sttnnrmlllfckdp
Kyu was founded in 2004 after the disbanding of Dimension Seven. A band I happened to like pretty much (although I didn’t know that much music of that band). Two former members of Dimension Seven recruited two new members to start a new band and at that moment Kyu was born. Kyu is said to be a groovy-powermetal band from Arnhem, the Netherlands and claims “this is THE new beginning”.
“A groovy-powermetal band” doesn’t really ring a bell here. I don’t know if it’s just me but I always thought that powermetal was mainly melodic metal with (very) high vocals. Well let me tell you this, Kyu doesn’t even come close to that description. Add up to that that music wise this band reminds me of Korn sometimes and you might understand my confusion about the term “groovy-powermetal”.
Actually, it’s not only that term that confuses me but also the songs as a whole. To me some songs have two dimensions that kinda create an unnatural feeling when they’re combined with each other. The music just has this raging (nu-)metal sphere whether the vocals sometimes create a dark atmosphere that doesn’t entirely fit within the songs (in my opinion). Fortunately this isn’t always the case but I do know that I like this album best because of its music.
The good thing about this album is, that besides some Korn alike parts, the music doesn’t really remind me of lots of other bands. In other words: Kyu manages to create quite a unique mixture of nu/death metal with some hardcore influences that certainly appeals to me. Important ingredients for this style are the tempo changes within the songs. In some way, the two opposing dimensions certainly are important to create something unique but the thing is; it just needs to be worked out a little more to make it sound like a whole a bit more.
All in all I think this album is quite a good start for this band. Of course the production is somewhat (too) raw and I’m sure these guys can create a more unique style over the years but considering the whole package; music, artwork and style, this band sure has potential.
As you can see Kyu likes to use weird titles for their album and songs. Sometimes I can find out what these ‘words’ mean (a little help from the lyrics does the job most of the times) but I’m still wondering what the name Kyu means. I just don’t seem to get any further than ‘Kiss your uterus’ or ‘Kill your uncle’. Therefore any suggestions of a possible meaning would be welcome! Just throw out your rage below the review!
Kyu - Sttnnrmlllfckdp
70/1001Details Bukkake Records
Released on Friday Sep 1st, 2006
Nu/Death Metal / Hardcore

Writer @Boek on Friday Sep 8th, 2006

Tags: #Kyu
Tracklisting 1. nwbgn
2. bldlst
3. hrtbt
4. slthyrthrt
5. nmbrnn
6. rsfst
7. sngfht
8. drgd
9. p
Line up Bastard - Vocals, Guitar
Rule - Guitar
PG - Bass
Roy - Drums