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Carmine Appice - Ultimate Guitar Zeus
A line-up of which a rock enthousiast could only dream, is no longer a dream. Zakk Wylde, Richie Sambora, Slash, Brian May, Steve Morse and Ted Nugent all do their part on this, legendary drummer Carmine Appice's project entitled Ultimate Guitar Zeus

Now to be honest with you, I never heard of Carmine Appice or his supposed legend, same goes for Vanilla Fudge - the supposed legendary group he played in. But still, there's no real shame in that. Well maybe a bit of shame, but still less shame than playing in Rod Steward's band, I'd say.

To be really honest with you, I'm way overdue writing this review. 'Bout two months actually. So if you're a rock enthousiast you probably bought this cd ages ago. But still, I'll run through it. Briefly, since I have tons of other releases I have to neglect.

First of all, even with this line-up (consisting of the elite club in the senior citizens department of rock n roll) it overall sounds quite modern.  Hooray. Second of all, it doesn't bother you with yeh ol predictable solo's, as a lot of the featured artists took a gamble and played differently than you're used to from them.  Hooray.

Furthermore. Steven Seagal is also featured on Ultimate Guitar Zeus. So what, I live two doors down the road from Harmen Siezen. Big Deal. Hooray. All in all it's worth downloading - I mean buying, BUYING (buy it people, and aid the poor dying music industry!). Fun album, but then again you own it already. 

So there you go.
Carmine Appice - Ultimate Guitar Zeus
82/1001Details Escapi - Germany
Released on Tuesday Jun 27th, 2006
Hard Rock

Writer @Lex on Friday Sep 8th, 2006

Tags: #Carmine Appice
Tracklisting 1. Days Are Nights (ted Nugent) (4:13)
2. Nobody Knew (brian May) (4:48)
3. Stash (stevie Salas / John Mcenroe) (6:32)
4. Where You Belong (slash) (6:23)
5. 4 Miles High (steve Morse) (5:29)
6. Gonna Rain (richie Sambora) (4:20)
7. This Time Around (yngwie Malmsteen / Doug Pinnick) (4:23)
8. Killin\' Time (ty Tabor) (5:05)
9. Doing Fine (vivian Campbell) (5:03)
10. Under The Moon&Sun (mick Mars / Edgar Winter - Vocals) (4:52)
11. Code 19 (zakk Wylde) (6:21)
12. Out Of Mind (neal Schon) (6:40)
13. Do Ya Think I\'m Sexy (pat Travers / Carmine Appice - Vocals) (6:40)
14. Gz Blues (steven Seagal / Seymour Duncan) (3:14)
Line up Too many to mention