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Jucifer - If Thine Enemy Hunger
So here's a type of combination you won't find every day. Take some old Melvins alike
slow, grinding grungy rock, erase Buzzo's vocals from the picture and then add a female
vocalist with a haunting voice. I know female fronted Made Out Of Babies (Neurot) also create this type of music, but that's a much more hysterical affair.

I first came to notice this band browsing the artist links on Swarm Of The Lotus' website.
I liked the name (first impressions eh..), so I checked out their album
I Name You Destroyer and liked what I heard. Not groundbreaking or a total wow-experience, but it was quite a
decent record.
Now after almost four years, Jucifer are back with a new full length. And it's an album which takes a little time. It's a bit like a machine. The first two songs are very slow and almost based around one riff, and they sound a bit, well, boring to be honest. Luckily enough the album picks up some steam afterwards and songs start to get more varied. 
The hauntingly melodic vocals progress from almost whispery to hysterical screams. (And I mean HYSTERICAL by that.)

Next to Melvins as a comparison there's one thing apparent all over this record and that's Nirvana. Bleach-era Nirvana that is. The same raw rock, the same simple but effective riffs and that same punky attitude. Mix this with a Melvins approach, a general bombastic feel and an 'indie' touch and you probably have an idea how this sounds. 

Not necessarily something fit for the Metalrage audience but I can imagine a lot of todays metallers growing up with Nirvana, so it might just be a pleasant fix of modern nostalgia. So don't get pulled-off by the first two tracks. Skip them, get hooked and get the picture, and listen to them later.

Check this out if you want something different, it's on Relapse and they have that nasty
eye for different quality things.
Jucifer - If Thine Enemy Hunger
80/1001Details Relapse
Released on Tuesday Sep 5th, 2006

Writer @Ce-El-Wan on Wednesday Sep 13th, 2006

Tags: #Jucifer
Tracklisting 1 She Tides The Deep
2 Centralia
3 Lucky Ones Burn
4 Hennin Hardline
5 Antieteam
6 My Benefactor
7 Four Suns
8 Pontius Of Palia
9 Backslider
10 Luchamos
11 Ludlow
12 The Plastic Museum
13 In A Amily Way
14 Medicated
15 Led
Line up Amber Valentine - vocals, guitars, bass
Edgar Livengood - drums