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Avatar - Thoughts of No Tomorrow
Pfff, another melodic death metal band from Sweden? Nothing special about that eh? Well, what about the fact that these guys have an average age of just 18, did a European tour with bands like Arch Enemy and Impaled Nazarene and already rock your socks off!
I will save you the boring biography with lots of band changes and problems, and keep it to the facts that Avatar came to existence roughly in 2001 and Thoughts of No Tomorrow is their first full length album. At first hearing I didn’t like the thin production of this album, especially concerning the guitars. But after giving this disc a few spins, it’s clear that this is a very decent melodeath record. All the ingredients are there: aggressive, double bass fueled riffs often compared with a catchy high guitar, awesome guitar solos and some keyboard parts. A very clear and easy comparison can be made with In Flames but even more with a less settled band like Mourning Caress.
One of my favorites is ‘The Willy’ which chorus is almost to be called poppy, but in a good way; it’s one of those songs which vibe catches you and can be heard over and over again. And thanks to the raw voice the song still keeps that ‘kick ass’ feeling.
Further there aren’t any exceptional strong points to be named, it’s a good debut which is definitely worth listening but as a whole it isn’t very special and that’s the only real problem with this band and it’s a cliché: it has all been done before. But with the low average ages in the band we hope that they will be able to create a sound of their own and blow us away with something refreshing on their next CD!
Avatar - Thoughts of No Tomorrow
75/1001Details Gain
Released on Friday Sep 15th, 2006
Melodic Death Metal

Writer @Sledgehammer Messiah on Wednesday Sep 13th, 2006

Tags: #Avatar
Tracklisting 1. 3:28 Bound To The Wall
2. 3:25 And I Bid You Farewell
3. 3:38 Last One Standing
4. 2:15 War Song
5. 4:21 The Willy
6. 3:43 My Shining Star
7. 3:50 My Lie
8. 5:50 Stranger
9. 1:56 The Skinner
10. 2:15 Sane?
11. 5:42 Slave Hive Meltdown
Line up Johannes Michael Gustaf Eckerström (vocals)
Jonas Jarlsby (guitar, keyboards)
Simon Andersson (guitar)
Henrik Sandelin (bass)
John Alfredsson (drums)
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