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Transport League - Multiple Organ Harvest
[i]Yes yes, it's another review by that enigmatic demon extracted newsposter [b]Demon Dust[/b]! This time he checked out some numetallish delights in the form of [b]Transport League[/b]![/i] When I received this cd and I saw the title I thought this was going to be some brutal death metal kind of thing. But it appeared to be Saliva combined with a little Dry Kill Logic or something. A lot of effects with heavy riffs, melodic parts, screaming and singing. Only the recording quality isn�t that good. � After kicking of with the spooky intro �74x9� the shit kicks in with �Lobotomico� which I find a very interesting song. A lot of variety with riffs, some good heavy parts in it too. � Continuing with �Cycle Of Slay� which isn�t as brutal as the title might suspect. This song even contains a melodic part which isn�t bad at all. The bridge part sounds pretty cool too, too bad it�s a short one. � Up next is �Wrapped Dead Inside�. It starts with a melodic distortion going to a faster and harder part for the couplet. The chorus is rather melodic again. At this point, it doesn�t sound too bad at all, good vocals (sometimes a bit too much Saliva) interesting riffs, only the drums don�t sound too exciting. � �Disconnect Massconnect� is going to be the single which will be released December 1st with a videoclip. The song does really sound like a single but still having the heavy parts in it. The melodic guitar part in it is cool as well and doesn�t make it too cheesy. � Picking up the pass with �The Severed�. I think this is one of the better songs on the album because it has a faster pass and it contains good vocals, especially when he says �standing on the witness stand got some kind of confession�. The song is loaded with cool and freaky effect which only make the song better. I even like the drums in this songs, which don�t sound too interesting in most of the songs. � Then comes �Safe (Houdini)� which also has better drum parts and some good singing in the chorus. A little bit rougher in the bridge going back to melodic again and back to screaming �Safe�! I must say the singing part does the song a lot of good. � Going freaky again with introducing �El Gordo� and then going heavy again. The song at first seems to be the same as the rest but then he really starts to scream shit. Pretty nice guitar solo too. Cool song! � A bass intro for �Slack Wrist Smack� getting a bit of double bass (finally) with some guitar. Not really renewing guitar parts but some cool singing does the trick for this song. And the double bass helps a lot for me too. � �God Taker� isn�t too special, but it isn�t a bad song at all. Weird guitar solo in it and some cool effects too. I must say I�m kind of impressed with Tony J.J.�s singing on the album. He can scream and sing rather good. � The last song on the album is dubbed �Sick Scum�. This song is a bit of a �bouncing in the moshpit� song. It has this riff that is just made for it. Again freaky effects in this song. Weird bridge part I must say, but cool. � The conclusion is that Transport League sounds all right. Only the recording quality isn�t that great, but that shouldn�t stop the fun too much. I think we�ll hear more from this band in the future. They have released other albums in the past, dubbed �Stallion Showcase� in 1996, �Superevil� in 1997 and �Satanic Panic� in 2000 but I have never heard one of them, so I can�t say if they have made progression along the way. The only thing I don�t understand about these guys is why they give their albums such brutal names when they don�t make brutal music. But if they want to do that, I�ll let �em. Who cares anyway? [b][i]Review By: DemonDust[/i][/b]
Transport League - Multiple Organ Harvest
76/1001Details Seamiew
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001

Writer @Lex on Thursday May 20th, 2004

Tags: #Transport League
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