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Samiam - Whatever's Got You Down
Whatever’s Got You Down, Samiam’s first album since 2000’s Astray continues the line of introducing new band members on each record. This time bassist Jeremy Bergo takes care of the four strings, while previous bass player Sean Kennerly has been promoted to the six-string. On the musical side however some things did change.
The band has always been delivering pointy poppunk rock songs smeared with emotion and harsh melodies. Singer Jason Beebout, the man with the sweet, mesmerizing voice that can be dirty and raw the next second, struggles through all previous records and makes his point expressing his feelings in his lyrics.

Their last effort Astray showed some of the best songwriting they had done to that point, so their break-up came when the band was at their peaks and disappointed many fans.
A six years hiatus and a brilliant last album, it only adds up to the high expectations.
The opening album track ‘When We’re Together’ sounds like an outtake of the previous record. A production far away from their earlier records, and a singer that sounds like he’s having a hard time to reach the notes, which matches the desperation in the lyrics.
Songs like ‘Do You Want To Be Loved’ and ‘Storm Clouds’ show that the band still hasn’t lost its talent to write melodic, friendly songs that get in your head on first listen. However, most of the material on the new record is rawer then ever and steps away from the more radio-friendly previous recordings.

Nevertheless they do sound like a band that has come to terms with theirselves and are ok with not breaking through to the mainstream audience. It does make the album less exciting and powerful then earlier material, some might even call it a bit boring, to me it’s finally the real Samiam.
Welcome back guys. And thanks for the hypnotizing albumcover.
Samiam - Whatever's Got You Down
80/1001Details Burning Heart Records
Released on Friday Sep 15th, 2006

Writer @Bad Astronaut on Friday Sep 15th, 2006

Tags: #Samiam
Tracklisting When We’re Together
Take Care
Get It Right
Do You Want To Be Loved
Storm Clouds
Come Home
Are You Alright
Holiday Parade
Bide My Time
Line up Jason Beebout - Vocals
Jeremy Bergo - Guitar
Sergie Loobkoff - Guitar
Sean Kennerly - Bass
Johnny Cruz - Drums