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Trollech - Skryti v Mlze
Forest black metal…. Okay, another genre in the black metal scene.
This was the first time I’d heard of this Czechian band. Trollech sounded like trolls, so I expected something like Finntroll. I was wrong, the music can better be compared to Skyforger. The music is fast, simple and often melodical, because of the folk influences. What I really like are the Taake-like riffs and the acoustic licks. The song 'Z kotle popijej' could have been written by Thyrfing

The lyrics are all in Czechian, but the band was so kind to add the English translations to the booklet as well. Most of the songs are about the forest, so that is why they call it forest black metal. Well that’s nothing new, but I actually don’t care, I can’t understand the lyrics anyway.
The production is very good, it has a very clear sound, and the balance of the vocals and the instruments is good. There is enough variation on Skryti u Mlze and it did not get boring at all. So if you are into black metal, and are not frightened of folk, I really can recommend this one.
Trollech - Skryti v Mlze
90/1001Details Ketzer Records
Released on Tuesday May 30th, 2006
Forest black metal

Writer @Arcane on Saturday Sep 16th, 2006

Tags: #Trollech
Tracklisting 1.Skryti v Mlze
2.Volam do Iesu
3.Zeme Obru
4.Stromy Jsou v N�s mp3
5.Zelena Ruka Jara
6.Mlha na Peklovskym Potokem
8.Z Kotle Popijej
9.Kdyz Setka se Voda s Mrazem
10.Vsem Bude Skryto Tajemstvi
Line up Asura - bass, shriek
Morbivod - guitar, shriek
Johannes - guitar

Guest musicians:
Butcher - drums, acoustic guitar, solo guitar
Tomas Kofron - choirs