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Chaosfear - One Step Behind Anger
Brazil, a great breeding ground for extreme metal music. Formerly known as Sick Minded, the band Chaosfear released two demos, one under each name. Both of them were received enthusiastically, and now they’ve finished their first full length debut, dubbed One Step Behind Anger.
The thrash metal threesome has created eight headbanger tracks to engulf the unsuspecting crowd. Now what is always the problem with thrash metal, originality, there’s none of it on this disc at all. But that isn’t always a bad thing, since you don’t have much space to experiment with in this genre anyway. There surely are some nice riffs on One Step Behind Anger (is that even a correct title, shouldn’t it be beyond anger…? Fuck it) but it's the production that makes me questioning. Everything can easily be followed, but the whole doesn’t stand like a brick wall. It sounds a bit messy, which even results in giving a feeling that it isn’t played all that tight. I still haven’t figured out if that is the case.
But besides this problem, there still are those killer riffs, like in ‘Denied Rights’ that can get me headbanging. The vocals aren’t executed too brutal, not too screamy. They balance in between, acting all tough guy and stuff.

So as you can see I found things that I did like about this album, but also things I didn’t like. Therefore I give it the score it has now, but I honestly feel that with a better production they will do a whole lot more for me. The roughness has taken the sharp edge off a bit, so it doesn’t hack that much anymore. Too bad, because they surely don’t write bad riffs at all.
Chaosfear - One Step Behind Anger
68/1001Details Corrosive Musik
Released on Wednesday Jul 19th, 2006
Thrash Metal

Writer @DemonDust on Monday Sep 18th, 2006

Tags: #Chaosfear
Tracklisting 1. Hard Time For The Wrong Man
2. Incongruous Possession
3. One Step Behind Anger
4. Driven By Hate
5. Denied Rights
6. Minds Temptation
7. Dust Structure
8. Detestation Inc.
Line up Danilo de Freitas - Drums
Fernando Boccomino - Guitar/Vocals
Anderson de Franca - Bass