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Bolesno Grinje - Od Nesvijesti Do Grinda

To me they are unknown, but they hail from Croatia and my colleague Mat-Core has witnessed their performance at the Obscene Extreme festival this year. But when I checked out their tracks on their MySpace I heard something I liked…

And that was a comparison with acts like Nasum, Terrorizer and of course Napalm Death. Only with mostly foreign language (I think) and a bigger contribution to the music coming from death metal. And a little less groove, unfortunately. But there’s still enough to keep the variation of the music from getting drowned in all the mayhem.
I think the strongest asset of this band lies within the vocals. Not only do they have a great vocalist that sounds like old-skool Nasum to me, but the rest of the band also contributes to the screams and grunts. Thus making the vocal department a varying and very busy one, and fortunately it sounds like they put some time into getting some decent vocal lines done, instead of the standard blaah and bluuh.

Should I mention that all members have been active before in other death/grind acts of which one is called Screaming Vagina? Or do you and me suspect that they wont be as good as Bolesno Grinje has proven to be. I reckon the latter.
Well to conclude this, Od Nesvijesti Do Grinda is a very entertaining disc with some quality riffs and nice enough production for me to give it some additional spins in the future. Their future sure does look promising with a release like this.

Bolesno Grinje - Od Nesvijesti Do Grinda
74/1001Details Endless Brutality Of Men Records
Released on Saturday Apr 1st, 2006

Writer @DemonDust on Monday Sep 18th, 2006

Tags: #Bolesno Grinje
Tracklisting 1. zivot, rad, uzas
2. t-pusiona
3. proljev
4. kodine-trokuti
5. uv jek ista prica
6. pobuna g.c.
7. je dan
8. usamljena udoviva
9. error
10. jebemise
11. pluca puna cinka
12. nerv
13. pjevac u parajvaju
14. van iz depresije
15. grinje odlaze
Line up Angeri - Vocals
Jule - Guitars&Vocals
Hoc - Bass&Vocals
Rio - Drums&Vocals