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Dead Hearts - Bitter Verses
It all went very fast for Dead Hearts since their start in 2004. In august 2005 they already released their one sided 12” entitled No Love No Hope and shortly after that Dead Hearts came to the attention of Ferret Records which signed Dead Hearts a few months later. Well two years after their start, the debut album of Dead Hearts is released. It sure is a fast start for the band let’s hope they live up to the expectations with Bitter Verses.
The album starts with total uninteresting intro that’s called ‘Somnium’. After this intro it’s time for the real start of the album with ‘Dusk’. ‘Dusk’ is song that easily can be mistaken for an intro because the song is very down tempo and the vocals are repeated over and over again. Finally the album starts really at the third song, ‘Fall’ , which is immediately a great song.
Musicwise Dead Hearts plays a mixture of punk and hardcore with some experimental influences. Not that those experimental influences add that much to the music, but they are present. Luckily enough Dead Hearts also knows how to write some descent hardcore; songs like ‘Hope’, ’Calloused’ and ‘Fail’.
But then again also those good hardcore songs have some negative points. Most of the better hardcore songs are on the later part on the album. And besides that, half of the songs on the album only last for about 2 minutes or less. So with an album that last for about 30 minutes, and with several intro’s / song intro’s present, the total playing time of the music is probably less then 20 minutes.
Overall this album has a nasty taste on it. The total playing time is too short if you take the experimental parts in consideration. And when the album starts it takes way too long before the shit really hits the fan and the several intro’s and intermezzo’s makes the waiting only worse. When you finally reach the songs that do kick ass, you probably aren’t in the mood for them anymore.
Dead Hearts - Bitter Verses
65/1001Details Ferret Records
Released on Tuesday Sep 5th, 2006

Writer @Niamen on Tuesday Sep 19th, 2006

Tags: #Dead Hearts
Tracklisting 1. Somnium (0:50)
2. Dusk (1:48)
3. Fall (2:12)
4. Innocence (2:46)
5. Exsomnis (0:57)
6. Hope (3:58)
7. Epitaph (2:15)
8. Cold (1:36)
9. Calloused (1:54)
10. Maeror (2:06)
11. Hollow (2:57)
12. Fail (2:36)
13. Abandonment (3:10)
14. Dawn (3:32)
Line up Derek Dole- vocals
Jeremy Smith- guitar
Pauly Issue- guitar
Tom Mayer- bass
Josh Heatley- drums