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Audioslave - Revelations
Audioslave has managed to build quite a reputation with their self-titled debut album (5.000.000 albums worldwide). Soundgarden vocalist Chris Cornell combined with Rage Against The Machine into a new project. And what a debut the band had, with performances on several festival main stages all over Europe the band proved they were still able to write high quality songs. The second album of the band ‘Out Of Exile’ was a disappointment for fans and press. It wasn’t bad but people expected so much more of this band (2.000.000 copies worldwide). In 2006 the band has returned with their third album ‘Revelations’.
To start with this review, the funk is finally back in rock. I have always liked funky elements within rock music and missed it on certain albums. Audioslave have used this element more on their latest effort ‘Revelations’. After reading the biography of the album it seems bassist  Tim Commerford and drummer Brad Wilk are responsible for this change in the sound. Well, let the lord praise these guys because Audioslave sounds more refreshing again. Not every song has got the funky parts and sometimes the record gets a bit slow but it is great to hear songs like ‘Original Fire’, ‘Someday’, ‘One And The Same’ and the title track ‘Revelations’. If you want proof just listen to the amazing bass line in ‘Broken City’ and get blown away by some new elements used by Audioslave.
After the ‘Out Of Exile’ album Audioslave was bound to refresh their music. ’Out Of Exile’ was a bit disappointing and they promised to deliver great quality on their third album. It's good to hear the band has fulfilled their promise and create some magical tones and songs on ‘Revelations’. When I read reviews where the people are stating the sound is still ‘the same’ I have to disagree, Audioslave has changed and improved their sound and tried to make it even closer to perfection. Of course the vocals of Chris and the guitar parts of Tom are still prominent but the influence of the other two musicians are clearly present on this disc.
But as you might guess there are a couple of radio hits on this album which decrease the nice tempo you start with. I never liked the slower songs of Audioslave and too bad there are a couple of these songs on this album as well. Look at it this way: it is still all about money, so the band just has to!
For the Audioslave fan I can recommend this album. Listen to it more often, you have to get used to some parts but you will love the album. The music machine works fast with Audioslave and this time it has created a quality disc!
Audioslave - Revelations
80/1001Details Sony BMG
Released on Tuesday Sep 5th, 2006

Writer @Buzzin Hornet on Wednesday Sep 20th, 2006

Tags: #Audioslave
Tracklisting 1. Revelations (4:13)
2. One And The Same (3:38)
3. Sound Of A Gun (4:20)
4. Until We Fall (3:51)
5. Original Fire (3:39)
6. Broken City (3:49)
7. Somedays (3:34)
8. Shape Of Things To Come (4:35)
9. Jewel Of The Summertime (3:54)
10. Wide Awake (4:27)
11. Nothing Left To Say But Goodbye (3:33)
12. Moth (4:57)
Line up Chris Cornell - Vocals
Tom Morello - Guitar
Tim Commerford - Bass
Brad Wilk - Drums