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WOLF - The Black Flame
There are some band names you only have to read,  you know immediately what kind of music you can expect. Well the name WOLF told me it would be heavy metal. And I was right.
There are several bands with the name WOLF, and they all make the same kind of metal. It appeared I already had heard an older album of this band, Black wings and I really liked it.  I really love this album. If I wouldn’t have known this record, I would have thought it would have been released in the 80’s. WOLF was founded in 1995 in Sweden and The black flame is their 4th release. It’s aggressive, heavy and old school. The links to Judas Priest, King Diamond and Saxon are very obvious.

The album begins with a very strong song called 'I Will Kill Again'. It’s very catchy and has some killer riffs. The next song sounds a little different more melodic. It reminds me of Iron Maiden, except for the refrain, which could have been written by Priest. The intro of 'The Dead' could also have been used by one of the thousand new wave of American thrash metal bands that walk the earth. 

What more to say about this band? Well, it’s nothing new, but it sure is one of the better albums I know in this genre. The production is very good, with a very strong sound, the guitar riffs are razor-sharp and the vocals are awesome. Everything is mixed very well and the compositions are great.
Fans of this genre really have to check out this album.
WOLF - The Black Flame
85/1001Details Century Media
Released on Thursday Sep 21st, 2006
Heavy Metal

Writer @Arcane on Thursday Sep 21st, 2006

Tags: #WOLF
Tracklisting 1. I Will Kill Again
2. At The Graveyard
3. Black Magic
4. The Bite
5. Make Friends With Your Nightmares
6. Demon
7. The Dead
8. Seize The Night
9. Steelwinged Savage Reaper
10. Children of the Black Flame
Line up Niklas St�lvind: Vocals, guitars
Mikael Goding: Bass
Tobias Kellgren: Drums
Johannes Losb�ck: Guitars, backing vocals