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To/Die/For - Wounds Wide Open
Sometimes you read about a band and the name of that band somehow appeals to you for an unknown reason. To/Die/For definitely is such a band. So when we received their latest album at the Metalrage headquarters I decided to give it a shot! I gotta know if I like their name for a reason right?
Goth metal it is. And since I like Delain’s album as well I’m quite curious if I’m into more than one goth band. The answer: yes I am. Why? Just because To/Die/For makes catchy, heavy music. That’s all a metalfan wants right?
The album starts with a very slow and melodic intro that fortunately doesn’t set the standard for the entire album. Hell no it doesn’t! ‘Cause what I hear on the rest of the album sounds pretty impressive. Pretty low guitar riffs, guitar solos that I actually like and male goth vocals. That’s right, male vocals! And it might be just that which makes this music so attractive for me. It’s definitely melodic vocals, no time for nasty screaming here, but the thing is, they’re performed at the right notes. Not so goddamn high!
To give the songs an extra boost every now and then, there’s a complete choir singing along in the background (at least it sounds like if there’s a complete choir). Accompanied by some double bass parts and heavy guitars it makes you feel as if you’re in a movie. The kind of movie scene where you’re watching a battlefield full of fighting soldiers. Now imagine the impressive feeling such a scene can give you and then think about what music should be there to strengthen the atmosphere; that’s where To/Die/For comes in.
I definitely gotta mention the 9th track, ‘Liquid Lies’, in which some female and choir vocal parts are giving the song a whole extra dimension. Catchy song again! All in all I can draw the conclusion I liked this band for a good reason, ‘cause the music certainly ain’t bad! If you’re into goth music you’ll definitely dig this shit, if you’re not, it’ll probably still give you a good feeling about the music. And for those of you who want something they’re familiar with….the song ‘(I Just) Want You’ is an Ozzy Osbourne cover.
To/Die/For - Wounds Wide Open
75/1001Details Spinefarm Records
Released on Wednesday Oct 4th, 2006
Goth Metal

Writer @Boek on Thursday Sep 21st, 2006

Tags: #To/Die/For
Tracklisting 01. Intro - Sorrow
02. Wicked Circle
03. Guilt Ridden State
04. Like Never Before
05. Under A Velvet Sky
06. Scar Diary
07. New Heaven
08. The Quiet Room
09. Liquid Lies
10. (I Just) Want You
11. Sorrow Remains
Line up Jape Peratalo - Vocals
Antza Talala - Guitar
Joonas Koto - Guitar
Josey Strandman - Bass
Santtu Lonka - Drums