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The Crown - Possessed 13
With a nice review about the Retaliate album by Misery Index, Mat-Core decided to stick his nose into the history of another band, that has reached a cult status among it�s fans. The band we�re talking about is The Crown. Founded in 1990, as a garage act, they have evolved and slowly began exploring the world of Death and Trash metal. Not knowing what they wanted to play, they just created a mixture of Death and Trash, which was quite original that time. But The Crown added another little element, the element of Rock & Roll. Some albums followed and after their 4th album Deathrace King, vocalist Johan Lindstrand left the band after 11 years and Tomas Lindberg became the new vocalist. With him, The Crown recorded Crowned In Terror, which was a nice album, but it just wasn�t it! But now, after 2 year, Tomas was kicked out again, and Johan Lindstrand returned to his old stable. With Johan, The Crown have created their 6th studio album Possessed 13. The record starts with No Tomorrow, a Trashy song with dark deceptive vocals by Johan, and man, this truly sounds as The Crown again. The vocals are as I said, very dark, and what I sensed was that the production of this album truly sounds as it cost 20 dollars. The songs on the album are all a bit underproduced, but with that, they have reached the true The Crown sound again, and with their old vocalist, it just sounds right again. Songs like Dream Bloody Hell, Are You Morbid?, Natashead Overdrive and Morningstar Rising do kick the eardrums in such a way that you�ll instantly get excited as hell. Also noteworthy is the funny link to metallica in the song Kill Em All. Because of the vocals and shit, you�ll know it�s a song by The Crown, but when you commercialize the song, it could have been a Metallica song 20 years ago. The Crown have proved themselves worthy with this album. With the funny style of death/trash, which isn�t that original anymore, they feed enough people to sponsor another tour, and goddamn, I want to see this band right now. Music that is only to described as Rock & Trash. Track List: 1: No Tomorrow 2: Face Of Destruction � Deep Hit Of Death 3: Deliverance 4: Cold Is The Grave 5: Dream Bloody Hell 6: Morningstar Rising 7: Are You Morbid? 8: Bow To None 9: Kill �Em All 10: Natashead Overdrive 11: Zombified 12: Dawn Of Emptiness 13: In Memoriam Line Up: Vocals � Johan Lindstrand Guitar � Marko Tervonen Guitar � Marcus Sunesson Bass � Magnus Olsfelt Drums � Janne Sarenp��
The Crown - Possessed 13
90/1001Details Metal Blade
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001

Writer @Mat-Core on Thursday May 20th, 2004

Tags: #The Crown
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