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Worms of Sabnock - Dark Harmonies
Worms of Sab….What?! Worms of Sabnock. What the hell is Sabnock? Well, what the hell is correct. Sabnock seems to be a demon from hell.
Worms of Sabnock is a band from the UK and it was formed in 2004. The members agreed that they were dissatisfied with the English black metal scene, and decided to start a new band.

So I was very curious if Dark Harmonies is worth listening. The beginning of the 1st real song (the first song is an intro) sounds really great, and it reminds me of  Dissection and the early Emperor. In my opinion that is a good thing. But after 1:43 there is this weird flute. Normally I like flutes in folk or Viking metal, but here it is a little misplaced. Luckily it is just a small part of the song. A little later a choir is used, and it really sounds great, which reminds me of Enslaved, it has a very strong Viking feeling. So the first song was really good, but is the complete album worth listening?

Yes it is! Great melodical licks, killer riffs, a touch of Viking and folk, some choirs, all combined in great compositions. Especially the song ‘In The Shadow Of A Dark Genuis’ is a very good composition. This song contains everything that has been used for this album, slow riffs, fast riffs, choirs, acoustic parts, strings, melodic licks and so on. I really love this song, and it even has a duration of almost 10 minutes.

To get your blood pressure down again Worms of Sabnock decided to play an acoustic song, which is very nice. After that, the tempo rises again and the metal is back.
This record will definitely be in my top 10 this year, it includes all my favourite styles and the production really fits the music. So Dark Harmonies really is worth listening!
Worms of Sabnock - Dark Harmonies
95/1001Details Firestorm Records
Released on Wednesday Sep 20th, 2006
melodic black metal

Writer @Arcane on Tuesday Sep 26th, 2006

Tags: #Worms of Sabnock
Tracklisting 01. It Begins
02. Black Empire
03. Demons Walk Among Us
04. In the Shadow of a Genius
05. Uncertain Light
06. A Solemn Art
07. The Dark Harmony
08. Shangos Vengeance
Line up Lesion - Lead guitar
Quintus - Vocals and guitar
Moros - Drums
Nomus - Clean vocals and bass