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Teamkiller - Bad Signs
This album came with a bio written in German. I can’t work with that, so I didn’t read it. Fortunately I write for this stupid webzine called Metalrage, so I know a little about tough guy music.
The music made by these Germans is hardcore, but quite a brutal kind. And that’s not due to their riffs, but mainly because of the intense metal production that has been given to the songs. I get a Hatebreed feeling when I listen to it, but that feeling fades as the album progresses. That’s because these guys just don’t play metalcore. Real breakdowns are rare, although there certainly are some very brutal passages. And again, the production helps so much in really pumping this up to the maximum. The rest is filled with intense hardcore (and a bit of thrash metal) riffing in the style of bands like Cro-Mags and old-skool Agnostic Front.
Another thing that made me think of Hatebreed is the person holding the microphone. Now that’s a convincing voice, with an absolutely great brutal undertone in it. He’s very understandable but still extremely brutal. Please listen to the track ‘Touched By The Cursed’, wait till the breakdown riff and I dare you to tell me with a straight face that it doesn’t remind you of Jamey Jasta. I wont believe you.
This act can easily measure up to any European hardcore act, and I hope they will soon get the chance to do a whole lot of touring. Hardcore kids, pay attention! This is ‘true’ stuff!!
Teamkiller - Bad Signs
80/1001Details Dead Serious Recordings
Released on Friday Sep 29th, 2006

Writer @DemonDust on Tuesday Sep 26th, 2006

Tags: #Teamkiller
Tracklisting 1. intro
2. all time low
3. over & out
4. fist of flesh
5. touched by the cursed
6. interlude
7. swelter
8. clones vs. clones
9. drowning
10. overpower
11. rest in peace
12. war machinery
13. last nails
Line up Michael Speidel - vocals
Felix Grammer - guitars
Peter Bastian - bass
Michael Dester - drums