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Degenerhate - The End Has Just Begun
The End Has Just Begun is the debut MCD of these Italian guys and they’ve been together since 2002, but according to their biography they are active in the extreme music scene since 1989 in a whole load of infamous bands. Let’s see whether this release is the first step to the top!
The MCD begins with a cute baby-toy sound, which is of course quickly interrupted by some brutal shit à la Dying Fetus. A nice, but not that special blastbeat is accompanied by a singer whose vocals sound like he is heavily breathing in the microphone. A fast Cannibal Corpse-like solo follows and after only one minute the first song ends. The second track, ‘Zombified by Propaganda’ starts with a real nice grooving riff but unfortunately the same kind of boring vocals jump in again which doesn’t add something like a more brutal feeling to the song.
The slow grooving parts in the following songs are a noteworthy point which gives this release a more interesting sound. ‘Failure of God’ takes this ingredient to the max and with its slow tempo it makes me think of Six Feet Under. Even a nice melodic solo kicks in and this song really manages to drag you into its doomy sound.
After just 10 minutes we hear the lame intro tune again, but this time as an outro. Degenerhate has brought us some OK deathmetal with this MCD, but except for the grooving parts it doesn’t really get your head banging and the vocals really have to get more dynamical to make Degenerhate an interesting band!    
Degenerhate - The End Has Just Begun
65/1001Details Endless Brutality of Men
Released on Wednesday Sep 20th, 2006

Writer @Sledgehammer Messiah on Tuesday Sep 26th, 2006

Tags: #Degenerhate
Tracklisting 1. Uniforms of Brutality
2. Zombified by Propaganda
3. From Cradle to Grave
4. Our Tears
5. Failure of God
6. Day of Doom
Line up Max Varani : Vocals
Gianluca Lucarini : Guitar/screaming/backing vocals
Fabio Fraschini : Bass
Cristiano Rotatori : Drums