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Send More Paramedics - The Awakening
I like zombies, I like thrash metal with hardcore (but not to immediately say metalcore), I like B-movies. These things are the ingredients for Send More Paramedics, whom have taken the zombie fascination into a hardcore direction instead of death/gore stuff. How will that work out?
Well, musically it works out great. There are some very good thrash riffs intertwined with hardcore riffs throughout the album. Add the good production to it, and musically you have nothing to complain about. Looking at the variation of the music, you can find that a lot of thought has been put into that. There are the more slow heavy riffs as well as a lot of neck breaking high speed thrashers.

But the main point of irritation, and also the only one, has to be the vocalist. He sounds too… punkrock. He tries to vary here and there too, going higher and lower, but there are parts where he just keeps yelling his lyrics in the same monotonous way, and there are a lot of those parts. That is just not done for me. I do have to add that the more I listen to it, the more I hear the variations he does, but it’s still a huge effort for me to listen to the entire album in one time.
Well, about zombies then. They look like zombies, they sing about zombies, they even have a videoclip with moshing zombies. That’s all fun, but they have something extra, the proverbial icing on the cake. They deliver this album as a 2-cd set, the second one being their own soundtrack to a zombie movie! I liked the disc, even if it’s only for the idea that is behind it. The music that is on it consists of cheesy synthesizer things that were in the first horror movies, like for instance Hellraiser or something. The last track has the synopsis for the story they have in mind for the music. It tells of a virus (pure brilliance) that gradually takes over the world in 2025, when the world is in chaos (that sounds logical) and eventually kills everyone. Cool!
So, for those into zombies, hardcore and thrash metal, here you go. Your prayers have been answered. And to end this review with the last sentence of ‘The Awakening Soundtrack’; the worst fears of humanity have suddenly, terrifyingly come to life.
Send More Paramedics - The Awakening
70/1001Details In At The Deep End Records
Released on Monday Sep 18th, 2006
hardcore/thrash metal

Writer @DemonDust on Monday Oct 2nd, 2006

Tags: #Send More Paramedics
Tracklisting CD 1:

01 Everything Is Not Under Control
02 Follow Your Programming
03 Sever
04 Blood Fever
05 Twlight Of The Flies
06 Disaster Song
07 This Crowd Is Crushing Me
08 Flail Of God
09 Virulence
10 Scapegoat
11 The Unclean
12 Anthropophagi
13 Vital Signs
14 I Am Every Dead Thing
15 Transmission

CD 2:

01 The Decision Is Made
02 The Fear
03 Amid The Ruins
04 Dark Waves
05 End Of The Chase
06 Yangtze River
07 A Crushing Tide
08 Territorial Standoff
09 The Final Moments
10 Amid The Ruins (Reprise)
11 Pervasive Infection
12 Deadly Strain
13 Genetic Recombination
14 Life Degenerates
15 The Awakening
Line up B'Hellmouth - vocals
Medico - guitar
X Undead - bass
El Diablo - drums