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Sickbag, Disaster, Elysium, Desecrator - Da Grind 4-Way Split
Another very interesting record I received lately, was the 4 way “Da Grind” split album consisting of bands like Sickbag, Disaster, Elysium and Desecration. The information I could find on this was zero, zero and zero. I only know it’s a French compilation, and I reckon that those 4 bands are French as well. What I do know, is that French bands have a pretty good go in groovy grind, so I’m very curious.
The split starts out with 6 songs by Disaster, which sound very decent and brutal. The music is basically some brutal American styled death metal like Suffocation and Lividity. I liked this very much, because I almost devour brutal death metal, I can’t get enough of that!  
The next band that is on this split to entertain, is Elysium. This band musically sounds a lot like early work of Terrorizer and is certainly worth checking out. Some parts did remind me a little bit of Repulsion, but that was really minor. You can expect some decent thrashing and bashing with this band.
The 3th band was familiar to me, because I remember watching them at the Obscene Extreme festival this year. My colleague Semen wrote something about that show, but I remember it as a really blasting performance. The songs on this split are blasting as well, and gives back to me that Obscene Extreme atmosphere, yeah! It’s too bad there are only 4 songs of Sickbag on it.
The last band on it, is Desecrator, which produce a really retro kind of music, based on the early sounds of Napalm Death and Carcass. This certainly appeals to me, but the songs tend to get a little bit boring. Luckily, the production of the whole split album is very loud and crashing, which makes this band perfect in its element.
Concluding my review, I can say that I never had the urge to skip some tracks. I liked it, and I guess it will please a lot of people that went to the Obscene festival.
Sickbag, Disaster, Elysium, Desecrator - Da Grind 4-Way Split
82/1001Details Dead Cirkus Records
Released on Saturday Oct 1st, 2005
Grindcore/Death Metal

Writer @Mat-Core on Tuesday Oct 3rd, 2006

Tags: #Sickbag, Disaster, Elysium, Desecrator
Tracklisting Disaster

1: Decline Of Humanity
2: Molesting The Fanatism
3: Black Box Lobotomy
4: Urban Terrorism
5: Birth Of Ignorance
6: Chribou


7: Attendre
8: Voix Sans Issue
9: Poussiere
10: Short Message


11: 1884
12: Who's The Next
13: Le Gang Des Postiches
14: Temple Of Thieves


15: US Vandalizer
16: Intifada
17: Sarkopit
18: Grindhxc Sur Violent-Blastbeat
19: Damn Writer
20: Mouchrav
21: S.O.D.
22: Bravo Les Djeuns
Line up Check it out on the websites, I wasn't able to find a decent line up for any bands.