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Biosystem 55 - 2000 Just To Destroy
Biosystem 55 was already formed in 1998. These Italian guys started playing metal music but after the replacement of their drummer in 2001 the music slowly changed towards nu-metal. In the winter of 2004 the band went through a very bad period due to the break-up with their long time friend and guitarist. When a new guitarist was added to the line up the band finally found peace again. Their motivation and strength came back which resulted in music that now lays somewhere in between nu-metal and crossover with a strong melodic touch to it.
Although their cover seems a very chaotic piece of art, these guys certainly know what they’re doing. And the fact they exist for quite some years now can certainly be heard in the songs. Though, there’s quite a big minor as well: the production. The sound could be worse, no doubt about that, but if it was better, this album would have been a very nice addition to my album collection.
The main thing I hear on this album is nu-metal. Something I didn’t hear that much for a couple of months so it’s more than welcome. Here and there are some nasty Killswitch Engage alike screams but there is – unfortunately – also very much space left for clean vocals. Too bad, ‘cause those vocals are something to work on. Not that they sound so bad, but for some reason (might be the production again) they give me the feeling I’m listening to some small, amateurish band. On the other hand, there’s the heavier vocals, which sometimes remind me a bit of Ill Niño. Which, in my opinion, is a good thing on this album.
As for the tempo of the album; there sure is variation in it. But if you’re into fast, up-tempo music I’d recommend you to look for something else ‘cause this band doesn’t seem to be very keen on playing that kind of music.  
I can absolutely hear potential in this music. They know how to create decent nu-metal songs which contain both enough melodic parts as heavier parts. The fact is, the album lacks a good production, which results in ‘a decent album score’. Hopefully there will be a bigger budget for the next album.
Biosystem 55 - 2000 Just To Destroy
63/1001Details Copro Records
Released on Sunday Oct 1st, 2006

Writer @Boek on Wednesday Oct 4th, 2006

Tags: #Biosystem 55
Tracklisting 01. Devour
02. B Yourself
03. Violatech
04. Serial Killer
05. 2.0 JTD
06. Activhated
07. Values
08. Aura
09. Everydaytragedy
10. Think About
11. Crystal
Line up Gio - Vocals
Spino - Guitar
Skatto - Bass
Goli - Drums