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Texas Terri&The Stiff Ones - Eat Shit +4
 A re-release of a re-release. First released in 1999 the record “Eat Shit” became “Eat Shit +1” in 2001, and now five years later there’s “Eat Shit +4”. We now hear demo’s of ‘Situation’ and ‘Holy Ghost’ for the first time, plus there’s a video added for the song ‘Oh Yeah!’. Third time’s a charm?
Texas Terri dumped here Stiff Ones in 2001, after six years of spreading punk together.
Since then she operates on her own, with a new record coming up in 2007. With a tour coming up by the end of the month, and this original release not being available in Europe it does make sense for People Like You to release this classic.
A handful of dirty sounding punk tracks that breathe sex, drugs and rock ’n’ roll in every second, Texas Terri moans and groans her way through the songs and two covers of The Dicks and The Dictators. Sounding like a female version of Iggy Pop or a Courtney Love completely messed up on drugs, this is sleazy 70’s punk at its best. Check songs like ‘Situation’ and ‘Oh Yeah!’ and you’re sure to get drawn into the punkworld of Texas Terri.
To quote this lady; “Never shut up….Always Want More”

If you missed the big punkwave thirty years ago, get this record and go see it live. This is pure history.
Texas Terri&The Stiff Ones - Eat Shit +4
82/1001Details I Used To Fuck People Like You In Prison
Released on Thursday Oct 5th, 2006

Writer @Bad Astronaut on Thursday Oct 5th, 2006

Tags: #Texas Terri&The Stiff Ones
Tracklisting 1. Mick’s Bitch
2. Lifetime Problems
3. Holy Ghost
4. Situation
5. Sad Life
6. Oh Yeah!
7. Me Mad
8. Burgers&Fries (You’re Not Alive)
9. Baby Bird Shuffle
10. Cave Woman
11. King&I
12. If Looks Could Kill
13. Baby Let’s Twist

Bonus Tracks:
14. Women Should Be Wilder
15. Situation (Demo)
16. Holy Ghost (Demo)
Extra Bonus Video: “Oh Yeah!”
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