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Evanescence - The Open Door
Well, what can you say about a band that sells 14.000.000 copies of their major-label debut album worldwide. Whether you like it or not, it is a HUGE achievement for any band. After their monstrous hit ‘Bring Me To Life’ featuring Paul McCoy (12 Stones) and quite some other hits on the radio, the band has returned with a new album and single. Right now the band is in the charts with their single ‘Call Me When You’re Sober’ and their new studio effort ‘The Open Door’ has hit stores recently. Of course I am talking about the gothic rock formation Evanescence.

The new album has been recorded in Los Angeles at The Record Plant earlier this year. In March 2006 the album was mixed at the Ocean Way Studios. The band has grown over the past and this evolvement forms a big part on ‘The Open Door’. It is obvious that an act with a success like this has to grow after a success this big. But the band is still using the same elements within their music and it is still quality ‘pop rock’ with a gothic sense. Yet, you can hear more intriguing music with better organized music structures. When I listen to this album I can hear a band that has explored their boundaries and here and there this invisible line between genres is crossed.

On 'The Open Door’ the band starts full frontal with some heavy rock riffs. The song ‘Sweet Sacrifice’ is one of the songs which shows the band has got more qualities besides writing huge hits and I must say they have created some quality songs on this disc. Naturally I cannot say anything bad about the production because Dave Fortman (Mudvayne) did a hell of a job. He created the perfect sound for Evanescence.

The heavier riffs form the core throughout the album. Here and there you hear the ‘radio hits’ (‘Call Me When You Are Sober’ and ‘Like You’) but like on the previous album it is great to hear some heavier material. And even though Evanescence manages to get every single high in the charts over here in the Netherlands, no matter what they release, I like the heavier sound within the band (example: ‘Weight Of The World’, ‘Lacrymosa’, ‘All That I’m Living For’).

Packed in a well designed digi pack this album landed on my desk and since then I have been playing the album many times. There is some quality music deep within this band, don’t believe everything you hear on the radio and TV. Go and explore and you will hear more than just the stereotypes.
Evanescence - The Open Door
80/1001Details Wind-Up / Sony BMG
Released on Tuesday Oct 3rd, 2006
Gothic Rock

Writer @Buzzin Hornet on Thursday Oct 5th, 2006

Tags: #Evanescence
Tracklisting 01. Sweet Sacrifice (3:06)
02. Call Me When You're Sober (3:35)
03. Weight of the World (3:38)
04. Lithium (3:44)
05. Cloud Nine (4:22)
06. Snow White Queen (4:23)
07. Lacrymosa (3:37)
08. Like You (4:17)
09. Lose Control (4:50)
10. The Only One (4:40)
11. Your Star (4:43)
12. All That I'm Living For (3:49)
13. Good Enough (5:31)
Line up Amy Lee - Vocals/Piano
John LeCompt - Guitar
Rocky Gray - Drums
Terry Balsamo - Guitar
Tim McCord - Bass