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Dacia + the WMD - Dacia + the WMD
And another high priority release from MTM music. A few days back I reviewed the band Tourist. Modern rock with melodic mainstream influences. Dacia+the WMD can be compared with Tourist. Though they’re not the same. Let me tell you something about Dacia+the WMD.
First get rid of the tough front man image. Imagine a sexy front woman backed up by some rock hillbillies. Well, they do have names. Some of you might know Dacia Bridges from her previous band Tape. And her band The Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) contains ex-Farmer Boys musicians. If this doesn’t ring any bells….then you’re probably, just as I am, not from Germany.
Though she looks sweet on the promo pictures, she scared me a bit with her vocals. Not like front woman Angela Gossow of Arch Enemy did. Dacia has no troll hiding in her throat. But she sometimes sings too aggressive. It sounds forced and not natural when she does that. Just take a listen to "The Communist" for example. Still it is on only a few songs where she sings like that. "Who’s To Say" opens their self titled debut. And it does that well. No surprises, it shows exactly what you can expect from Dacia+the WMD.
Melodic modern rock. A genre that is not really shocking or that special. It’s not even that innovating. That doesn’t make Dacia+the WMD a bad album though. It’s still catchy, a bit mainstream and well listenable. For some of you these are killing elements. Others buy this album for the same reasons. Even though it’s produced by Ace from Skunk Anansie, don’t expect something like this. Or other bands with front women. Garbage and No Doubt is too soft to compare with and Guano Apes too heavy.
Love Maurits
Dacia + the WMD - Dacia + the WMD
59/1001Details Mtm Music & Publish
Released on Friday Sep 22nd, 2006
modern rock

Writer @Maurits on Monday Oct 9th, 2006

Tags: #Dacia + the WMD
Tracklisting Tracklist:
1. Who’s To Say
2. Rockabilly Bitch
3. Stop And Stare
4. Change The World
5. Live To Tell
6. 6
7. Sorry
8. My Health
9. How Long
10. Intensify
11. The Communist
12. Losing You (feat. Lemmy Kilmister)
13. First Time
14. The Universe
Line up Dacia Bridges - Vocals
Alex Scholpp - Guitars
Ralf Bozenhart - Bass
Alex Menichini - Drums