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Deadstar Assembly - Unsaved
Deadstar Assembly from the sunshine state Florida released their sophomore album, Unsaved, upon humanity. They independently sold ten thousand copies of their self titled debut album and even released a DVD called The Dark Hole Sessions Vol 1. All this Dearborn (vocalist) could only dream of when he started Deadstar Assembly with the techno producer Luis Duran in 2001.
The dark vision of the rockers from the sunshine state is the main line on the album that reminds me of bands like Marilyn Manson, Spineshank, Nine Inch Nails and Him. Which are probably also the main influences for Deadstar Assembly. Luckily enough Deadstar Assembly manage to create their own sound instead of just copy a lot of different bands in that similar genre.
Besides the influences of the band mentioned before Deadstar Assembly also knows how to create a good song that can hold the attention of the listener. Due to well placed hooks this album never gets bored. The only disadvantage about those hooks is that some songs are very alike and sometimes give the idea it’s all been done before.
Judging by the looks of the band Deadstar Assembly also knows that image is a very important item these days. So they not only got the influences from Marilyn Manson music wise but also the similar dress code as Marilyn Manson.
Overall Deadstar Assembly’s Unsaved is a great album with good songs on it. Especially the first single ‘Killing Myself Again’ has potential to become a hit. But there’s more; the semi ballad ‘And Ashes Will Fall’, ‘Darker Now’, ‘Dejected’ and ‘Insurrection’ are songs that hold the attention from the beginning till the end and stand out from the album.
Deadstar Assembly - Unsaved
74/1001Details Pure Records
Released on Tuesday Jul 11th, 2006
Industrial metal / Synth Rock

Writer @Niamen on Tuesday Oct 10th, 2006

Tags: #Deadstar Assembly
Tracklisting 1. Unsaved pt. 1
2. Unsaved pt. 2
3. Killing Myself Again
4. Dejected
5. Naive
6. And Ashes Will Fall
7. Showing Teeth
8. Darker Now
9. Pale Blue
10. Bled
11. Serial
12. Insurrection
13. At Both Ends
14. Death Wish
15. Perfectly Destroyed
Line up Dearborn - Vocals
The Dro - Bass
Cygnus - Drums
DreGGs - Guitar
sKuz - Keyboards