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Vengeance - Back In The Ring
First of all I would like to extend my apologies to Vengeance and MTM Music for us taking so long with the review. The person actually assigned to do it is no longer among our ranks due to personal reasons, so I volunteered to review his remaining albums. This is the first one of three, and it’s none other than the legendary Dutch rock band Vengeance with their come-back album Back In The Ring!
A lot of you young rockers probably don’t even know them, but they’ve build up quite a status since the eighties. Diverse albums have been released, and there were quite some line-up changes. Guitarist Arjen Lucassen  (Ayreon) is no longer with them, but original singer Leon Goewie is back in the ranks where he belongs. Now classical rock is not always my cup of tea, especially when it’s from the eighties, so I was curious if I would like this.
Well, at first listening I didn’t. But it became better and better when I listened to it more. You can hear very well that these guys started out in the eighties, with easy to follow rock riffs, sing-along choruses (with high male vocals) and a production that resembles the one from that era, only in a modern jacket. The thing they do well here is ROCK! Nothing extremely heavy, just ROCK! Every old-skool AC/DC head can definitely buy this album blindly, I even think that the vocals resemble Brian Johnson a whole lot too.
Now there has been made use of a couple of guest musicians, like again Arjen Lucassen on lead guitar for ‘Captain Moonlight’ and Matt Sinner from Sinner and Primal Fear on backing vocals, which all adds to the diversity of the album. Session drummer Hans in ‘t Zandt has officially joined their ranks now, which provides an excellent tight rhythm section. Funny thing is that he was the drum teacher of my bandmate some time ago. He’s a nice guy. :p
I won’t go any further into it. If you dig a good rock record and you grew up with that stuff in the eighties, you probably won’t even know how to use a computer yet so you won't be reading this review. If you can, buy it, jump on a horse and listen to their ‘Cowboy Song’! Long live rock ‘n roll!
Vengeance - Back In The Ring
80/1001Details MTM Music / Suburban
Released on Friday Jun 23rd, 2006
Hard Rock

Writer @DemonDust on Thursday Oct 12th, 2006

Tags: #Vengeance
Tracklisting 01. Back In The Ring
02. No Mercy
03. Mind Over Matter
04. Captain Moonlight
05. Holy Water
06. Bad Attitude
07. Had Enough
08. Now And Then
09. Cowboy Song
10. Rip It Off
Line up Leon Goewie - vocals
Barend Courbois - bass
Hans In ’t Zandt - drums
Peter Bourbon - guitar