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Ufych Sormeer - Crazy MAC
This album came as a huge surprise. It was received at our headquarters as a black metal album, but it is so much more than that. Crazy MAC stands for crazy middle ages cyborgs, which also is resembled in the music, I think…
Where to begin?! We have middle age folk singing, progressive metal song structures, an overkill on weird sound effects, a very humouristic approach to whatever they’re doing, and I friggin’ like it! Well, except for the folk singing usually.
I will try my best to describe the music found on this record as accurately as possible, but this is a definite hear-to-believe album. I found the description Rush meets Mr. Bungle a rather good one, and for the people acquainted with those two, it must scare the shit out of you! Also I found the description Lord of the Rings meets Star Wars a very good one, because they combine very classical folk music with electronics, to create a symbiotic relationship with its release in a metal form. Sounds hefty, well it is!

The song structures are very progressive I think. A lot of thought has been put into them and they are perfectly executed. It is very obvious that we are dealing with very talented musicians that love to experiment with the boundaries of music. While there are some songs that are completely electronic like ‘Mechanism Of A Cold Macrocosm’, there even are some songs that just keep constantly changing in a matter that Ephel Duath does, only without the fusion jazz involved I it. If they would have done that as well I would’ve gone crazy.
I can go on and on about this shit, but still, hear it to believe it. Preferably you should check out ‘And Oneria Falls…’ because that is the weirdest one with even some rap in it, but I believe you can check out ‘Space Cowboys’ on their website. I love that title.
Ufych Sormeer - Crazy MAC
90/1001Details Holy Records
Released on Monday Sep 18th, 2006
Experimental Progressive Folk Electro Metal

Writer @DemonDust on Friday Oct 13th, 2006

Tags: #Ufych Sormeer
Tracklisting 1-Shun Loafer
2-The Order Forces Strike Back!
3-We Thought This Battle Lost
4-Mechanism of a Cold Macrocosm
5-And Oneria Falls...
6-The Vendorian Rebellion
7-Where All Things Equalize
8-Space Cowboys
9-Deviant Local Universe
10-The Order Forces Strike Back! (Cold Remix)
Line up Olivier Bourez - guitar/vocals
Fabien Waquet - keyboards
Nicolas Sanson - bass
Guillaume Singer - guitar
Guy No�l Hoareau - guitar
Gr�goire Galichet - drums