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Mnemic - Mechanical Spin Phenomena
Denmark does not have that many great metalbands that the world knows of, of course there are some bands but nothing really that has caught my eyes and ears. But now this will all be changing, for Denmark has finally brought something noteworthy. Is it Meshuggah?? Or is it some kind of weird nu metal?? No! It�s Mnemic and with their debut album Mechanical Spin Phenomena they have created something that is sounding quite neatly and is original too. [img][/img] The record starts with Liquid, which truly does sound nice and refreshing. I was listening to death metal this day all along, and this is just so different. Take a brutal Meshuggah riff, mix it with some hysterical insane vocals and give it all a somewhat modern jacket and voila, you�ve just created Mnemic. Now everyone would say: But now it�s not original anymore, because there are certainly bands who are doing the same? I would say yes, but Mnemic dares to experiment with different kinds of styles and when listening to Ghost the tempo changes flew around my ears, also the changing vocals are nice to hear. Blunt screams, hysterical muttering and clean singing everything is available on this record. The average length of the tracks is also quite noteworthy, as most songs stride toward the 6 minute barrier. This can be annoying for some bands, but Mnemic have found a way to fill those 6 minutes without dropping any stitches and still able to remain interesting. Songs like Tattoos, Blood Stained and Closed Eyes are all songs that you surely have to hear to get a good global impression of Mnemic, however it would be wiser to pick up a copy and let yourself drown in this futuristic world. Mnemic have done it, they have created a record that pleased even a die hard death metal fan like me. The hooking style of their music is related to various styles like Thrash, Metalcore and some parts even closing in on Death metal. Let�s see how Mnemic can produce this live and hopefully they�ll sore to the Netherlands some day, which won�t be a problem as they are with Nuclear Blast. Track List: 1: Liquid 2: Blood Stained 3: Ghost 4: Db �XX� D (Double Crossed) 5: Tattoos 6: The Naked And The Dead 7: Closed Eyes 8: Mechanical Spin Phenomenon 9: Zero Gravity Bonus Track: Blood Stained (Rhys Fulber�s Euphoric Recall Mix) Line Up: Vocals � Michael Guitar & Guitarsynth � Mircea Rhythm Guitars � Rune Bass � Mikkel Drums/Keys - Brylle
Mnemic - Mechanical Spin Phenomena
87/1001Details Nuclear Blast
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001

Writer @Mat-Core on Thursday May 20th, 2004

Tags: #Mnemic
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