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With Pride - Pride Honour Faith Destiny
This band came to exist only about 10 months ago. Still, they’ve already been touring their asses off, released an album and currently they’re again  in the middle of a (European) tour. I think that’s a great achievement for such a ‘young’ band! What to expect from these guys? Well, judging from their slogan, I think you’ll get the point. Here it is: “In mosh we trust”.
For the ones who didn’t get the point; With Pride plays straight forward hardcore. And this time the Jamey Jasta of the band is a female. A disadvantage? Hell no! Thumbs up for Alma, ‘cause she’s got a pretty convincing hardcore throat. As for the music, I think it’s pretty clear to everyone who reads this what I mean with straight forward hardcore. It’s not complex music, it’s not even to be called original. But if you like hardcore, most of the times it doesn’t really matter which band you listen to as long as it’s doing its job right.
Same story goes up here. Short and powerful songs make this album not last longer than 23 minutes. Personally, I think that’s a good thing, ‘cause listening to this music too long makes it a bit boring. The production of this album isn’t smooth at all. But again, that isn’t a bad thing in this kind of music. Add the knowledge that this band put the ‘raw’ sound on the album on purpose and you got yourself a pretty nice hardcore album that really reflects a live atmosphere.
With Pride - Pride Honour Faith Destiny
70/1001Details 2kk Bookings
Released on Sunday Oct 1st, 2006

Writer @Boek on Saturday Oct 14th, 2006

Tags: #With Pride
Tracklisting 01. Security
02. The Truth
03. Spit Your Blood
04. My Pride
05. Since I Was Born
06. Dead Inside
07. Lost In My Mind
08. Nobody Can Judge
09. Between Anger
10. Honour
Line up Alma - Screams
Luca - Guitar, Screams
Mechteld - Bass, Screams
Murilo - Drums