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Manitou - Deadlock
Finally, the third and last album actually assigned to our dear Bastian Blackrain. You will be sorely missed my friend. Manitou is the name, heavy metal is the game. Formed in 1998, they now release their second full-length effort through the Finnish Firebox Records.
Deadlock immediately sets the right tone in the first track ‘And The Silence Bites’. Heavy metal with indeed proggy twists here and there as the bio claimed it would be. The traditional New Wave Of British Heavy Metal sound has been incorporated perfectly in Manitou’s music, while they occasionally come with refreshing angles and hooks that point out some progressive influences in the band. Add lead guitarist Markus Vanhala (doesn’t that last name ring a bell…?) killer licks and solos and you’ve got yourself something impressing to listen to. He is endorsed by Jackson Guitars, that sure must feel good.
The thing that really makes them stand out is their powerful punch. Their guitar really pack some power instead of just being a thin line over some double bass patterns. So add the more proggy approach towards heavy metal and you have some powerful punching songs that have shed off that traditional way of songwriting very nice. Too bad the vocals don’t offer anything really special. This guy sure handles his duties right, singing the traditional NWOBHM style, but it could have used a bit extra I think. A good thing then again is the fact that there are no keyboards. On the album they appear occasionally, but there is no more keyboard player in the band. Keep that up!
For those heavy metal fans with an eye on renewal and originality this could be a very nice addition to the collection. After doing these three releases assigned to Bastian Blackrain I must say that I have gained a new perspective towards heavy metal and such, I just might really start to like it. Iron Maiden here I come!
Manitou - Deadlock
83/1001Details Firebox Records
Released on Monday Apr 24th, 2006
heavy metal

Writer @DemonDust on Monday Oct 16th, 2006

Tags: #Manitou
Tracklisting 1. And The Silence Bites
2. Fools In Control
3. Waste, Damnation
4. The State Of Mind
5. Black Burning Flame
6. Swallowing the Dark
7. Psychoracer
8. Lead A Wild Ride
9. By The Waves of Stars
10. Black Meadow (Menace of War)
11. The Black Meadow
Line up Markku Pihlaja - vocals
Markus Vanhala - lead guitar
Antti Laur´┐Żn - guitar
Ismo Laukkanen - bass
Matti Suhonen - drums