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Lumber - Decade Of Procrastination
If I had to give this music a name it would be drunk ‘n roll. Music that you can play while being drunk. You’ll probably play it even better when you’re sober. Lumber even took a website under the name It makes it a bit hard to take it serious, but I’ll try.
Lumber sounds very trashy. You can easily add noise to the drunk ‘n roll. This is some raw loud shit. No doubt it’s true that they use live chainsaw action. Too bad they banned the use of chainsaws in confined spaces. Probably ended up in some bloody situation once…
Their music is simple. It’s loud. It’s raw and it rocks. But I seek something different in music. This is something you’ll have to be drunk for before you can enjoy it. At least that’s what I think. Musically they have nothing to offer. So all that’s left is a live show that should be fun visiting. Watching three rednecks going loose on stage while puking.
Maybe I’m wrong. But everything that comes from Lumber is related with getting wasted. Guess I failed here with not being able to take it really seriously.

Love Maurits
Lumber - Decade Of Procrastination
40/1001Details Undertow Recordings
Released on Sunday Oct 1st, 2006
Drunk 'n Roll

Writer @Maurits on Monday Oct 16th, 2006

Tags: #Lumber
Tracklisting 01 Mt Bingar
02 Cops Killed Tsakos
03 The Green Light
04 Bobcat
05 Chook
06 Wholelottawendy
07 Woman Of The Black Church
Line up Paul : Bowel Tremblin' Three String Pluckin'/ Vocal Delinquency
Dan : Cock Rockin' Squeaky Carrot
Geoff : Meat Mallet Rum Scullin' Good Time Drummin'