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Ikuinen Kaamos - The Forlorn
A concept based upon a story of an old man who murdered his wife and child in the past, and now struggles with faith and guilt. Ah, a concept album, I like that. Let’s find out if Ikuinen Kaamos is able to make a decent album with that concept.
Ikuinen Kaamos was founded in 1997, but after 2 releases they split up. Back then they played black metal. But in 2003 the band made a restart, and made some changes in their music, influences of death, doom en progressive metal had been added to the black metal. With a new line-up they released 2 demo’s and now it’s time for The Forlorn.
The first song, ‘Frailty’,  is a very long song with its duration of 13 and a halve minutes. It has a melodic acoustic intro of about 3 minutes and then it’s time for metal. Like I wrote above, Ikuinen Kaamos combines several styles in their songs, and you can really hear it in this great song. It has some fast aggressive black metal riffs, strong  black and death metal vocals, slower doom-like parts and a progressive song structure. Although the long duration of this song never gets boring.

The same thing can be said about the second song, ‘Grace’. Again 13 minutes of dark melodic metal with some strong passages. This song actually could have been 2 songs, after about 4 minutes you only hear rain falling, and then again an intro like acoustic part. ‘The first song’ is more death and doom orientated, and ‘the second song’ is more black metal based.

‘Delusion’ is a very progressive song, again combined with all the other influences. In my opinion Ikuinen Kaamos is now playing a little too much of the softer parts, I understand they wrote the music this way because it has to be combined with the lyrics, but while I’m listening the album I more and more hunger for some aggression.

‘Ascent’ is the song I like the most. It’s mainly black metal. Great song, with a great atmosphere and a lot of feeling. Luckily, the last song has more power as well, they must have thought the same thing about the aggression.
I cannot say anything negative about the production. It has a very clear sound and the mix is very good. If Ikuinen Kaamos would decide to get some bigger balls this band could make it I think.
Ikuinen Kaamos - The Forlorn
75/1001Details Descent Records
Released on Saturday Oct 14th, 2006
Progressive black metal

Writer @Arcane on Tuesday Oct 17th, 2006

Tags: #Ikuinen Kaamos
Tracklisting 1. Frailty
2. Grace
3. Delusion
4. Ascent
5. Fall
Line up Jarno Ruuskanen – Guitars and bass
Juhani Mikkonen – Guitars
Henri Villberg – Vocals
Arttu Romo – Drums