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Viscera Trail - Piled Up Dead
After Dana International I was heavily shocked by what musical horror Israel could bring us. Betzefer made up for that, but now there is another horror from Israel: Piled up Dead from Viscera Trail. Let’s see whether they can shock me in a positive way.
On the opening track we are welcomed with a beautiful piece of classic music played by a pair of violins. It is a huge contrast with which follows: “brutal goresoaked deathgrind”, as these Israeli call it themselves. I can’t say they’re wrong about that; ‘Remains of the Disploded Humans’ absolutely kicks in extremely brutal with the many high pinches. The gore influences are especially noticeable when the ‘singing’ starts; man I haven’t nearly ever heard anything more disgusting than that, I almost had to vomit! You’ll probably know somebody who can talk while he’s burping, right? Well this guy is doing it grunting and you can almost smell it, excellent!
The contrast between the first two tracks is awesome, but unfortunately there’s also a big contrast in production. After the crystal clear sound of the violins the songs all have a dim sound; like there’s a meter thick pack of slime over your speakers, through which the music first has to get through before it can torment your ears. Well, already after the first song you’re used to the dim sound, but the music could have been more direct and overwhelming if the production was clearer.
The many pinches in the riffs really give the music an extra brutal sound and nice hooks; think of Dying Fetus with a more gore approach. The difference is that the latter don’t use the pinches until it completely loses its power. Viscera Trail will definitely give you a good adrenaline rush, but because of the repetitive format of the songs the adrenaline won’t stay in your veins for the entire CD.
Viscera Trail - Piled Up Dead
72/1001Details Epitomite
Released on Thursday Nov 17th, 2005
Gore Deathgrind

Writer @Sledgehammer Messiah on Tuesday Oct 17th, 2006

Tags: #Viscera Trail
Tracklisting 1. Disposal of the deserted (caprice)
2. Remains of disploded humans
3. Hack till gravy
4. Rancid mess of bile, guts and feces
5. Stiff and dry cunt
6. Limb chewer
7. Burnt offspring
Line up Tomer H. - 0 Guitars, Vocals
Shahaf O. - Vocals
Yinon T. - Drums
Yaniv K. - Bass