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Jet - Shine On
Australia’s Jet return to the world with their follow up to debut album Get Born, named Shine On. They’ve already unleashed a new single of this record upon the world, and now we can enjoy another full-length album by these rockers.
To be honest I do not own the first album, but I was very impressed and amused with the ‘Are You Gonna Be My Girl’ single. The new ‘Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is’ single makes it to that same level, rocking and grooving from start till end. The way I like my Jet tracks the best. But how about the rest of the album?
It is quite soft actually. That particular single is also the loudest track on the entire album, while the rest lingers between the works of The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and even Captain Beefheart. So that’s a whole lot less AC/DC and a whole lot more hippie-like tunes. Fortunately they get away with this very easily. The songs are written very well and I feel like they all have hit potential. Personally as a metalhead I would only use this album for relaxing moments and perhaps as background music, but the average pop-rock fanatic will definitely be pleased with Shine On.
As they state in the bio, the Cester brothers went through some hard times, dealing with the death of their father. This also proved a vital source of inspiration for this new release, so that will probably be a reason for the tenderness of some of the tracks. Luckily we still get to rock out, with tracks like ‘That’s All Lies’ and ‘Stand Up’. I really love the sound of his raw scream, it has a lot of passion in it.
So there you have it. Jet will surely attract a wider audience with this album, and it will definitely help on their way to the top. We’ll probably see enough of them on the television soon enough.
Jet - Shine On
81/1001Details Atlantic / Wea
Released on Tuesday Oct 3rd, 2006

Writer @DemonDust on Wednesday Oct 18th, 2006

Tags: #Jet
Tracklisting 1. L'Esprit D'Escalier
2. Holiday
3. Put YOur Money Where Your Mouth Is
4. Bring It On Back
5. That's All Lies
6. Kings Horses
7. Shine On
8. Come On Come On
9. Stand Up
10. Rip It Up
11. Skin And Bones
12. Shiny Magazine
13. Eleanor
14. All You Have To Do
Line up Nic Cester - guitar, vocals
Chris Cester - drums, vocals
Mark Wilson - bass
Cameron Muncey - vocals, guitar